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Halloween || Wicked Witch

When I think of Halloween, I think of ghosts and witches. I love Wicked and wanted to do a look for Elphaba, but to me it needed to be more creepier as it is Halloween. With this in mind I decided to compare the Wicked character with the Theadora from Oz Great and Powerful, with the pointed nose, chin and high eye brows. This is a great look to do, and you don't need any thing you can't find at home. Big tip, would be to use green facial pain or makeup as what I used was extremely difficult to remove.

To prepare my face, I took a Pritt Stick and put it all over my brows, I then took some translucent powder (Collection Lasting Perfection Loose Powder) and dabbed it on top of the glue, I then add a little more Pritt Stick and powder, I then push on the brows with my palms, this help dry them and hod them in place against the head. I then took a concealer stick (Collection 2000 Concealer stick) and covered over m eyebrows, with a little bit of blending out. Once it looks like I have no eye brows you can go straight to work.

Taking my Collection Gel Liner, I added Bio-oil to it and heated up a pin to stab into the gel liner, this helps melt the liner and make it more softer and easier to use. This is the stage that can be skipped if you have green facial paint or makeup. Taking the color, start to put it all over the face, using a sponge (one you don't mind throwing away). Once you have put it all over your face and neck, you can go back over it to ensure that there are no gaps.

At this stage you should now have a big green face, it's now time to create depth and points on the face. Taking the Sleek Eden Eye Shadow Palette, use the dark green to contour with making it into a point on the end of the nose and tip of the chin. Then take a much lighter green shade with a little bit of shimmer, this will act as a highlight shade, take it down the nose and at the point as well as the points of the chin. This dark and light colors help create a green contour and highlight, that you can control the shape. You can add a little bit of dark green on the forehead to create creases in the face.

Now the face has been shaped, you can create exaggerated and over the top eye brows. You don't need any skill for this just be as creative as you line, I haven't seen may wicked witches with perfect brows. Finally, take a red lip (Kiko red) to make the lips stand out and create a little bit of danger. 

You can if you wish add a bit of color to the eyes and add some lashes, but I felt like I had enough to my Wicked Witch look. I personally didn't have a witches hat for this look, but it would look a lot better than just a braid.

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous

(video up 7/10/14)

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