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Halloween || Vampire

So it's the 31st of October, which means its the last in the Halloween series. But, it's not all doom and gloom, I think personally this tutorial was my best one yet and my favorite. Though, never fear I am already planing looks for next years Halloween month and its going to be a lot creepier hehe. But, lets get this show on the road...

What I first did, which I didn't film, was my usually facial routine with a paler foundation to your skin tone. This pale foundation will look more vampy, I also powdered as vampires don't have oily, shiny skin. Taking a very dark brown to black brow powder, I filled in my brows and extended the arch to make them more pointed. Brows done, I applied black shadow to my lids on the outer edge and into the crease, winging it out at the outer edge. Then, taking a white shadow apply it to the rest of the lid, to give the eyes more of a vampy and shinny look, I took a loose pigment (MAC Blue Brown). Taking this dark pigment, I only applied it to the black shadow, then using a liquid liner (Collection Extreme Felt Liner) line and wing the eyes. Taking a black kohl liner, line both the tight and water line, this gives depth to the eyes and a more gothic look. Taking the same felt liner, take it slightly under the bottom lash line. Finally apply some mascara and thick long false lashes, this gives the look more drama and starts to give it a sexual look.

Making the face appear more dead like take a large blending brush and some black shadow, tap the excess shadow off and the blend it under the eyes towards the bag area. Apply just the black can sink the eyes into the head, so taking a red shadow and the large blending brush apply it to under the lash line and blend outwards. It should look more red near the eye than further out. 

I personally contoured my face with a bronzer first as it gave the look a little more color even though it was hidden. But, taking a black shadow and tapping off the excess create a contour under the cheeks and the sides of the nose. Then blend it all out, we don't want to much of a harsh line, and the blending gives it depth. This blending I took around my chin as it made me look a lot more dead and made the look more realistic. 

I took a purple vamp lip stick (Va Va Violet by Revlon) and applied it to my lips. Then taking a black kohl liner, I lined my lips and shaded in the outer edges, then blended it all with my finger. This blending dulls the vampy purple color, so I applied the purple again. To finish the look off I drew a blood line using a red lipstick (Kiko).

I would have worn my fangs, but for the life of me I cannot find them. Now, the look is complete, you can team it up with a old fashion style shirt or black dress. As for hair you can go straight, waves or curly. Just have fun and enjoy those Halloween Parties or Trick or Treating.

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous

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