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Halloween || Skull

Getting into this Halloween stuff now, and even getting more adventurous with my looks (there are still a few easier options on the way). I have even convinced my fiancee to be a stand in for a look, so be prepared for that post and video.

Finally getting my hands on some white facial makeup I can now do the white very clear and precise (YAY!). To start with I have taken Pritt Stick to the brows and covered them up with concealer, no brows look. In theory I would guess you don't need to do this stage depending on your brows and how far you draw the eye sockets, but if in doubt glue those brows (but use water soluble glue, it will come off).

Taking the facial white makeup (from Clintons Card Shop at £1) and a triangle sponge, I covered my entire face in white. Try to apply this thicker than normal foundation to make the white stand out, but do try to not go over the face you have already painted, as this can cause the paint to be removed. once the face is completely covered, I waited for a bit to allow the face to dry.

Taking my black gel liner I followed the line of my eye socket, I then drew the outlines of my temples and cheeks. Taking the black liner I started to fill in my eyes in black, as well as extending the socket to make the eyes look larger. I then added some brow bone lines connected to the socket, taking the liner to my nose I created the cartilage space on the end of my nose and filling it in. The skull is starting to take shape.

Taking the liner on on small liner brush, I started to create the lines of the mouth and teeth. This takes a steady hand and patients as you don't want to blend the teeth out too soon. Taking a smudging brush, smudge the lines around the top of the teeth you have drawn as well as around the brow bones. This creates shadow dimension to the face, taking the black liner fill in the cheek gaps on the face as well as the temples. Finally join up the top of the skull and fill in the gap with black. 

Done! That's it, very simple and easy but you need to have a steady hand and go over lines that aren't standing out. Adding a back or skeleton outfit will make the makeup stand out, just witch the lights off and close your eyes, you'll look scary.

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous

(Video up 14/10/14)

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