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Halloween || Pop Art

I've seen a few pop art/comic book style Halloween tutorials, and have always liked the pop art style art work. So, this tutorial just seem to fit me and it was so fun to do and requires not a lot of work, great if you don't have too much time to get ready, enjoy.

Firstly just apply your foundation (Loreal Infallible) and concealer (NYX HD), ensure that they are slightly lighter than your skin tone. This makes the face stand out more, I then applied some powder (MAC Studio Fix Powder) just to set my face so there wouldn't be much movement, I also added a little bit of bronzer (Sleek face Form) to contour my face. 

Taking a black gel liner (Maybelline), I filled in my brows and made them more cartoon like and longer. I then lined the edges of my face, and drew a contour line, these lines will start making the face seem more cartoon like. Create some lines between the brows, making the face look sad, and adding lines down the nose, so that from a side shot the face will look outlined.

Adding a bright color (Barry M Shadow trio-blue) to my lids and extending it above my crease, then creating a winged line on the lid with the gel liner. Taking the same gel liner, draw the outline of the shadow and create a bottom lash line under the eye, making the eye seem larger. To the line under the eye, draw some short lines coming off to look like lashes, at this point you can add you false lashes (Ted Baker).

Taking the gel liner draw a crease for the chin and outline the lips, lips done you can now fill them in with a bright lip stick, for me I used a bold red (Kiko). Now all the details are complete you can now add the dots to the face, either white or red it's your choice, I did white as I used my white facial makeup. To create the dots, I took the end of a makeup brush, not too big but not to small as I didn't want to spend to long on them. To make the lips more 3D like and cartoon like, I added a triangle of white to the side of my bottom lip.

Dots done your ready to go. You can be more creative with your look and wear a wig and cartoon clothing to go with your look. To the face you could even create a water mark under the bottom lash line to make it look like your crying. Have fun and be creative with your facial expressions.

Have fun and Stay Gorgeous

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