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Halloween || Frankinstin

Oh yes another green faced tutorial, but this time it was a lot more easier to remove, but I would suggest a green facial paint/makeup rather than gel liner. In the video, I have started with a ready green face and one eye done, just to show you where I am going, but read ahead to see how I actually did it.

Start by covering the brows and making them flat, as well as covering them with concealer (Estee Lauder Disappear Smoothing Creme Concealer). Then take your green facial makeup and apply to to your face and neck, I didn't take the green all the way to the hair line as I wanted to create a stitched up look to fresh skin. Also, try not to color the lips and lips in as you will be applying color to them that needs to stand out. 

Face done, attention on the eyes. Taking a bright fuchsia shadow apply it to the entire lid, making sure the color is bold and bright, then taking a black shadow, cut the crease and wing out. This will create a cut crease look and give a vibrant girly look to the lids, take a white liner (MUA Snow White Kohl Liner) and line the water line. To finish the eyes, apply a thick winged liner (Collection Extreme Felt Liner) and then add some lashes as well as a bit of mascara. The lashes I chose were a set of Eyelure lashes that were very long and separate, though they were not that visible in photos and on camera. Taking a black liner (Seventeen Gel Liner), create some high brows, I went for a more cartoon look and made them a lot thicker than the Wicked Witch tutorial.

Using the Sleek Garden of Eden pallet, using the Tree of Life (dark green) create your contour, in the same way as a normal contour just green, don't forget to blend it as it can look a little harsh. I contoured the nose as well, then added a highlight using the Evergreen (light shimmer green) in the pallet, to the bridge of the nose and under the drawn brows.

Taking a black kohl liner (Maybelline Drama), I lined my lips and made them appear a little thicker, taking the black and building the color in the corners of my mouth. Then taking a dark red lip liner (Sleek Eu La La in Venom) fill in the rest of the lip, to make the lips more ombre, blend the colors together.

Main look done you can now add the finishing touches, such as drawing a curve line around the green on the forehead and adding dash lines to look like stitches. Then add a few lines here and there, to make the look like it has be stitched together in other places. DONE!

You can wear a wig or got for a super frizzy hair look to make yourself look more like you have been brought back from the dead. Have fun and go crazy and enjoy.

Stay Gorgeous

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