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Halloween || Doll

Well you knew that this one would come up eventually, but I preferred the broken china doll look rather than a puppet doll look. This look was super fun and super easy to do and you can look as sweet or as creepy as you like its up to you.

First I started with my usual face routine, but mainly on one side of my face (the side that you are not covering in white). Face done, I took a medium to dark brown shade (Beauty UK Brow Kit) and started to outline the crack that I wanted around my face. Taking a black gel liner (Maybelline) I lined the outter edge of that line, this combined with the brown starts to create shadow as if the china was put on your face.

Once outline is complete, start to create a cute almost barbie like look on the face that is within the crack. I created a contour on my nose, filled in my brow, applied pink and purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner and applied some false lashes. The white can now be applied to the rest of the face, but be careful not to go over the lines as this is change the look. Face done you can now draw a small thin line on the brow, to create a thin doll like brow. Taking a bright pink blush or shadow (Barry M Trio) I applied an exaggerated blush look with a rounding on the apples of the cheeks, it will be incredibly pigmented and over the top. Taking that same color lightly apply it to you cheek on the skin (not white), again try not to get any on to the whit when you are doing it.

You should be looking a lot more realistic now, so it is a good time to line the water line in both eyes with a white kohl liner (MUA Kohl Liner in Snow White), this makes the skin eye look bigger and the white eye appear morw white. Taking a lighter shade of brown, start to shade abound the crack lines, blending as you go along. The final touches to the face are the small crack lines coming off the face. Taking a black gel liner, I made small zig zag lines off some cornwrs of thw face, I the created a slight hole on the forehead, but creating a shape and filling it in with black, though make sure you have crack lines coming off as it will look more realistic. Finally take a bight lipstick, mine was Pink (MAC Candy Yum Yum) and apply it to the skin part of the lips. Again avoid touching the white, if you do just blend the white over it till it is hidden.

To make the look more fun you can wear a dress or girly shirt and have tight curls, this gives off the china doll look.

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous

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