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Halloween || Day of the Dead

I have always liked these Day of the Dead tutorials for Halloween, and here in the UK you don't get to see this look hardly ever. I think it is girly and fun look for girls at Halloween, with out so much of the horror and creepy look. This is my take on the Day of the Dead look, and sorry in advance as the video is fairly short due to a corrupted part on the video, so I pretty much lost half of my film. This said I will try my best to explain what I did during this bit.

To start with I glued and covered up my brows, or at least tried to. You don't necessarily need to do this stage but I find it helps make the look more flawless (if my brows are behaving). Now, just cover your entire face in white, this makes the skull color and makes the added colors stand out. Take a black liner (I use Maybelline gel liner) and circle and fill in the eye sockets, similar to the skull look I did a few weeks back. Taking the same black liner, draw a line in the contour and take it under the apple of the cheeks.

Using a red or pink liner (Sleek Eu La La Liner in Dragon fruit) draw petal shapes around the eye sockets, and don't forget to color them in as well. Make the petals stand out by taking a black liner and outlining them. Using the same liner, draw a spiders web at the top in the middle of the forehead, then add some decorations between the eyes and web. Take the black liner and draw lines on the temples of the head, and taking a blending brush blend it into the temples to create some shadow. Don't forget to do the nose, though instead of a proper shape with two points, make it into a tear drop shape.

Here is where my video cut out. Taking the black liner, draw lines from the cheek lines down to the lip. Here you can create your teeth, start by drawing lines in a downward motion over the lips between the two cheek lines you just drew. To make the block look more like teeth, take the black liner and round the blocks off near the lip line, make sure you draw a line along the lip line to make them look like bottom and top teeth. Finally to finish the teeth off, take a blending brush and a black shadow, lightly create triangles off the teeth lines (the same as the skull tutorial). Again taking the blending brush and some black shadow, apply and blend in the corner of the lines going down to make the teeth, it just give the face more dimension.

The final touches are simple enough, take a light pink shadow and apply it to the chin and forehead, this give the look more color. Take some glitter shadow and apply this to the lids of the eyes and finally take some fine facial glitter and apply to the whole face. You're done and you are looking very sparkly and girly. This look can be teamed up with a girly red dress or you can even go for the skeleton outfit if you wish the choice is up to you.

This look is a little messy by the end so try to do the makeup before you get dress as to not cover yourself in glitter. you can go for any colors and style you want go crazy, it's all up to you.

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous

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