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Halloween || Clown

This tutorial was a whole lot different to my usual tutorials, as I was doing this look on my fiancee. The video is a little long, as he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to do it quick, so I am sorry the video is so long. I didn't get to do an intro or talk over as the edit was just so random (darn video editing software), so this is my opportunity to talk you guy through what I did.

Firstly, like my past tutorials, you need to glue down and cover (Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer) the eyebrows. This step was a lot harder on him, as his eyebrows are so thick and bushy, so a lot of glue was needed. I personally, drew the main outlines on the face first using a black Kohl liner (Elf), starting with the eyes and then the mouth. Outlines done, It's time to cover the face in white. 

All whited up, the eyes can be done fully. Going over the lines under the white and improving on the shape, by extending the spikes. Once the outline has finally been finished I can start coloring it in, first over the lid and slightly up using a dark purple (Maybelline Gel Liner) and then black (Maybelline Gel Liner) above and below the purple.

The mouth is next, I again went over the lines in black (gel) and created more of a lip shape, connected the lines that were under the lip. Making the top of the lip very pointed and over the top, as well as making it bigger over the lips. The top lip becomes part of the drawn top lip, I would say over the hole of the mouth in white first as this makes the teeth easier to create. Taking a black liner (Barry M Wink) draw on the teeth, I didn't go for sharp teeth as they were too obvious, so I went for crooked teeth. Teeth done you can now fill in the lips, using a lip liner (Sleek Eu La La Liner in Dragon Fruit) giving the lips a red color. I then went over this using a red lipstick (Kiko), lips done you can now fill in the black of the gap between the teeth. If the teeth look like they have shrunk and have become grey from the black, go back over it with more white but use a small brush to get it precise.

Main features done, you can now start adding lines to give the face definition and more of a creepier look. Taking a smudging brush and some black shadow, I added crease lines to the eyes and forehead. This makes the face look like it has been smiling and older (not so childish), adding more around the mouth creates this long worn smile, one that hasn't gone. These lines exaggerated the features and make the final look more creepier and on the horror side.

To finish this look, just add a red nose and maybe a wig, this look is great for a halloween party and doesn't need to much effort to create. 

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous


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