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Halloween || Cheshire Cat

Finding more detailed and more work on Halloween looks, I found this beauty. It wasn't as hard as you may think, it just takes a few hours to complete.

To create the base for my Cheshire Cat to sit on, I had to use Pritt Stick and concealer (Collection Concealer Stick) as well as some translucent powder (Collection Lasting Perfection Loose Powder) to cover up my eyebrows. With this base done I can now start to create the outlines of the mouth and coloring of the fur. Using a Black Kohl Liner (Elf) I started from one outer edge of the mouth near my ear, I followed the line down to above my lips and up the other side. Taking the bottom line much wider and below my lip, connecting them at the ends with a larger space in the center. Using a Turquoise Kohl Liner (Bourjois Metallic Liner), I drew lines on the forehead near the middle from the hair line. Taking the Black Kohl liner, I created fur around the coloring, but drawing lines and smudging them out with my finger. Taking this technique on the bottom lip (the one drawn), smudging this color down will create dimension and a fur like look. 

At this stage I create the eyes of the Cheshire Cat, using the Black Kohl liner, I drew around my eye socket and around my brows, do this with both eyes but one at a time as you will never get it done with your eyes shut. On the edge close to the hair line create a wing off of the eye, this creates a cat eye look which can be slightly blended at the edges to create a fur look. Once the outline is done you can then color the eye in using the Turquoise liner, all over the brows, skin and lids. Once the eyes are filled in you can go over the Kohl liner with a black liquid liner (Barry M Wink), this makes the eyes stand out. Taking the black liquid liner, draw the cat like pupils in the center of the eyes, this stage is touch and needs a delicate hand as the lines can go wrong, but, don't worry is they are slightly wonky when you shut your eyes, when your out no one will know. Don't forget to color the pupils in with the liner as this can help hold the black shadow to the pupils. To set the Turquoise liner on the eyes, I used a selection of shades of Turquoise to create a more realistic eye shade.

Now the eyes are done, you can start with the fur and nose of the cat. Taking a White Kohl liner (MUA Snow White) add the same type of shading/smudging as you did the Black Kohl liner. This look on the face will look a little messy but it does look like fur when done. I personally would also suggest doing the shading/smudging with the turquoise liner, but much fewer bits as you don't want to over powder the cats coloring. To create the cat nose, I first drew the outline of the nose using a liquid liner, then taking a pink colored liner (Sleek Eu La La Liner in Red Sky Night) I filled in the nose. Now, unlike doing regular contouring, I had to make the nose look bigger and shorter. To do this I shaded/smudged black kohl liner on the outside of the bridge of my nose making the nose seem fatter and stopping a few center meters from the eyes, making the nose appear shorter. Taking the white kohl liner smudge it across the bridge that has be created by the shading, then blend the shading and highlighting in slightly at the edges. This makes the contour and highlight not as obvious.

With all this done we can now focus on the final step, the mouth. This can take a while as the teeth can blend into the black and disappear. For this stage, I would recommend coloring in the hole mouth with white kohl liner or facial makeup, as I did teeth and then coloring in black and it just went wrong. Taking the black liquid liner (yes I did at first use kohl but it doesn't really need to be), I drew out my teeth, making sure that the teeth further back are smaller than the ones at the front, including two longer teeth on the top row near the front. Once you are happy with the teeth and the style and how many you have, you can now color in the gaps (not teeth) in black. If you haven't colored in the teeth, do this before the black as it can get messy. Once the gaps are all filled in, just touch up places on the face that need it, then just close your eyes and there you go, the Cheshire Cat.

I hope you enjoyed  and Stay Gorgeous

(Video up 09/10/14)

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