Changes to the Schedule

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I am currently super busy and haven't really got time to write up posts everyday of the week as well as writing essays and course work. But, don't be worried there will still be posts Monday and Wednesday as well as videos Tuesday and Thursday. As well as the end week posts/videos will be staying, so I am only really dropping Fridays posts, till I can fit them in to my busy schedule.
I am also gradually going through a blog revamp and it will be better than last time as I am having some help (which I will posting about once it is done). Some new photos and lay outs will be done soon as well so there are lots going on.

But, for those of you who are getting excited about Christmas, I am going to be doing vlogmas this year. You can follow me getting into the Christmas spirit and even buying so Christmas gifts, just to give you some ideas of what is out there at the moment.

Again I am so sorry to drop Fridays but, it will work out in the end.
Love you all and Stay Gorgeous

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