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What's in my Bag

As I am so busy this week and next with travelling and uni, I thought it would be fun to do a What's in My Bag. I haven't got much in there as I haven't really gone anywhere, but it was time for a tidy up.

My bag is my favorite at the moment a H&M studded side bag. I love this bag,  I picked it up summer last year and have neglected it till about a month ago when I repaired the zip. Now, it's all fixed I know why I loved it so much. It is a good size not to big and not to small, and it goes with everything. 

I always carry my Samsung Galaxy S4 with me everywhere, as you never know when you nee to take a photo, or make a call. I have been loving the Wicked Musical album at the moment and it has been my album of choice when I have gone out. I also take my diary and notebook, as you never know when inspiration hits you and when you need to check up on important appointments you may have. My Tangle Teezer has been a lifesaver in times of bad hair days and windy days. You never Know where your day may take you, so having bad hair is a no no.

I always have hand cream, perfume, hand sanitizer and Wrigley's Extras in my bag. I like to have soft hands, dry cracked hands just creep me out. Having perfume, means I will never be smelly and I love having a quick spritz to freshen up. Hand sanitizer is a given, you don't know what your hands have come into contact with, and when you get peckish you need clean hands. Wrigley's Extras is a must, no one likes smelly breath and when human interaction happens you need fresh breath.

Before I had my contacts put in I still had my prescription sunnies in my bag. I also carry some makeup with me, in my bag today was MAC Pressed Blot Powder and a Brush as well as Maybelline Color Elixir in Raspberry Rhapsody. 

My purse has been a long runner in my bag as I am obsessed. The Ted Baker purse is bright pink with french bull dogs in the inside (the same as my Ted Baker handbag). It holds all my cards and money (not that I have any) and it even has a window to put driving license or in my case my young persons rail card. Keys are always in my bag, otherwise I will never be able to get in my house, plus I have a Tesco Club card on them.

Among the necessities I also have a load of random bits, as well as a pen to go with my notebook. I have a pair of earrings in my bag from a few Saturdays ago, rubbish and recites nothing new there. I also still have my CV and paper work still in my bag, as I never know if I need it or not.

That's it, nothing left in my big old bag. 

Well I hope you Enjoyed and Stay Gorgeous

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