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Top 5 Drugstore || Concealer

Another top 5 drugstore products post (and video), this was a fun series to film and it was even harder to choose my top 5 concealers, but I did it. For me a concealer that is in the top 5 needs to be able to cover all blemishes and be blendable. If it's not full coverage and doesn't work then it won't make my list.

5/ MUA (Makeup Academy) Pro Base Concealer

This is a great product if you are looking for a cheap, small concealer pallet. It has a beige shade, a pink shade and a nature shimmer highlight (cream consistency). I use the beige mainly, and it is great for covering up blemishes especially when I don't want to use any of my best concealers.

4/ Maybelline Eye Erase

This is a great product to cover up the dark under eye circles. Starting university, I will be getting up early which means not a lot of sleep and bags. This product cancels out the dark circles and is a great color for my skin tone. The sponge tip I always remove as I find I waste more product than not having it. I have even used this product on blemishes when I'm in a hurry and it covers them just as well as my bags.

3/ Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

This product I wasn't sure about at first, but now I have used it I love it. It leave the skin looking glowy and youthful, it blends like a dream and covers blemishes. It is a slightly different consistency to the foundation, which I think is much better than the foundation. Being cheap and easy its a great buy.

2/ Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This is a cult classic to all beauty bloggers in the UK and anyone who has tried it. The coverage is so full and the color being light, helps to highlight the face. It is so affordable you can't help but buy so many. The shade range isn't the best as there are only three shades, however, for me its great as the fair shade matches my skin tone for a natural highlight. It blends really well, however, it does dry fairly fast so you need to be quick with your blending.

1/ NYX HD Concealer

For some of you in the UK, you might think this drugstore product isn't really drugstore as you can't get it in all the drugstores in the UK. However, in the US it is a drugstore product and it is only £6, which you can buy online in the UK. This product is amazing, like nothing I have used before. It is full coverage and super creamy, with highlighting the face and making it look picture perfect. There are a variety of shades available even a yellow shade and a lavender shade (great for color canceling). If you choose anything on the NYX website to try I highly recommend this.

What are your favorite concealer? 
Stay Gorgeous

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