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Halloween Tutorial: Robber

Its the month of October HAHAHAA! and it's the start of my halloween tutorials. I have been looking forward to this for ages and now its here, and don't worry I haven't just got hard ones I have got some easy ones as well, so anyone can do them. Note to self, must try to use face paints next time. I have filmed some of these looks back home before I started university so that's why the back ground is different, and currently I am still finding a good place to film. 

My robber look is so easy and all you need is black eyeliner (or paint if you wish) and some black matte eye shadow. I personally did my normal every day makeup before I did my robber look as most of your face still shows. For outfit, I just went for a black long sleeved tee and my hair pulled back, but you can wear a black and white stripe tee and/or black hat (I just didn't have any of these available to me).

I first start by setting out the outline of the mask with the black liner pen (Barry M Wink in Black). I start between my brows, so it becomes a bit of a mono-brow, and then continue the line from the end of my brows to my hair line above my ears. I then line from my ear line, under my eyes and over my nose to the other side. I then play around with the lines till I am completely happy with the shape of the mask. Once I'm happy I fill it in with my eye liner, this can take a long time, that's why a gel liner or paint would be more easier (though, gel liner will take a while to wash off).

I completely color the space in to just around my eyes, as you don't really want to put eye liner over your eyelids, as it can pull at the skin which will increase the risk of premature wrinkles. For the eyes, I took a matte black eye shadow (Next Eye Shadow Pallet) and padded that all over my lips and under my eyes. Just make a few additional touch ups if needed, as sometimes you can smudge the lines or miss skin. Once your happy you can add a touch of lippy (optional), I went for a bright red lip  (Kiko) as the look was a little black and white.

Once happy with the final look your done and ready to head out to that halloween party even if you had no time to come up with anything more complex. 

I hope you enjoyed and Stay Gorgeous

(Video up 2/10/14)

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