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Closet Confidential Tag

Hey dolls, I have seen a few videos on this tag and have been meaning to do it for ages now. I actually filmed this tag video last Christmas (Yep 2013) but I never put the video up online, so I decided to film it again and change a few answers. I hope you enjoy and I tag all of you to do the tag with me, just #sparklebarbie1000 on Twitter and @Sparkleb1000 so I can have a read or watch of your blog/video.

What is the oldest item in your closet?

Mine is my maxi dress that I got from Primark in 2011. I bought it to take on holiday to Florida as a nice dress to wear in the evening in Miami. It is such a wonderful dress and looks more expensive than Primark, I have worn it for weddings, funerals and meals out. Just the best purchase I have ever made.

What is the newest item in your closet?

It was hard to choose one item, but I chose my Duck Egg Blue Shirt from Primark. I love this shirt, I have worn it so much since I got it. It again is such good quality compared to other shirts I have owned. The color is great and looks like a great find for autumn/winter and Christmas.

What is the most expensive item in your closet?

The most expensive is actually a handbag and it is sort of the love of my life, but I don't use it that often. I do however, use it for interviews as it makes me look a whole lot more important, and that is my Ted Baker Coral Leather bag. I actually picked it up in the Ted Baker one day sale for about £150 but it actually costs £200, so it was sort of a bargain. I bought this bag to take with me to California and used it a few times while I was there, though, it isn't the safest bag when you are in Las Vegas. Now having owned it for about a year now, it has gotten a little grubby from time to time though, it wipes off pretty easily. Though, it does have chew marks in the handle from a certain cat chewing on it (not happy). I don't regret buying this bag as it is so me and with little french bull dogs in the inside, just as random as I am.

What is the most cheapest/affordable item in your closet?

That would have to be the Primark cami tops. I love them they are great to put on if you are just wearing a jumper and a must when wearing sheer shirts. They are a necessity to every woman's closet. As they are so cheap I own quite a few but mainly in black and white.

What is the biggest bargain in your closet?

My biggest bargain would have to be my Asos Stud Belt ( I would have said my Stud heelless heels but I talk about them too much). I picked it up for just £4 before I headed off to California, when originally it was £12. I was after a nice belt to go with my Lipsy dress for a night out in Las Vegas. I had great fun, looked amazing and my belt really showed off my waist.

What is the biggest waste of money in your closet?

It is actually, my oldest item (not the one in the first question), a pair of Pastry trainers. I was obsessed with the program about Rev Run's daughters starting up their shoe range (like Kardashian's just not as annoying). They created a brand called Pastry and named their trainers accordingly, as I was in a strange emo stage I picked myself up a pastel blue pair called Blueberry Glam Pie. they are thick high tops with pink glittery laces with a pink glam and pie on the laces on each shoe. They are probably the most over the top trainers I own and I really don't know why I still have them, memories I guess.

What are your 3 favorite items right now?

Currently my 3 favorite items are my Duck Egg Blue Shirt, Wal Mart Thermal Leggins and my H&M Stud bag. 

I hope you enjoyed, and I look forward to seeing your tags.

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. Love this post I also had some Pastry trainers haha.

    Lucy x