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Book Review: World War Z

I love reading and I don't always seem to have a lot of time to read in my day especially now that I am going back to uni. But, a good book to me is something that captures your imagination and keeps you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. There are not many that captivate my imagination like World War did. But, before I get on I must say, that this book is by far better than the film. I feel that the film, though good it a way, didn't really portray the book well.

For those of you who haven't seen the film, basically its to do with a virus that has started to infect the worlds population. The surviving Government is trying to find a way to create a cure and find patient zero. The infected or Zombies in the film are portrayed as being fast and selective to who they infect (I know unlike the classic zombie). The end of the film sees the investigator (Brad Pitt) finding a way of shielding the healthy to lengthen the time to find a cure.

The book however, is vastly different, it is written in a journalistic way. The narrator is a journalist interviewing people that were in different places when the world became infected. The tales range from hospital staff, astronauts, armed forces, government officials to regular people. The zombies are classic and straight forward, attacks all people and walk really slowly. The book looks into the different ways people might fight zombies/infected if they encountered them. Some using force and weapons to others learning to kill off zombies in their own way. But, as we all know and this book tells us, the only good sure way to kill a zombie is through the head.

But, this book touches on the chaos caused when the world is first hit with a pandemic and there is no visible cure. You see some countries building high walls to secure cities, some countries try to flee on boats and ships, with not enough being available. Even countries setting off nuclear bombs and specialized weapons to kill them off, all failing. But, with the interviews continuing, you can see the efforts that went into the slow eradication and cure to this infection, and what they learnt. By the end of the book, you still haven't found out how or why the infection started but, it touches on where patient zero may have came from. This makes your mind think and consider many possibilities, for a fluke accident to an organised attack.

This chaos and attack action could have been made for film and made the film more action packed and graphical. However, the film decided to go down a different route rather than stay close to the book.

The author of this remarkable book, has written other zombie scenario books before, such as The Zombie Survival Guide. His unique style of writing creates scenarios that you have never thought possible, shown that there are ways that they could be possible, from accidents to calculated government maneuvers. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves world disaster, zombie or action books. It's a great read and you won't be able to put it down.

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