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Avene Skin Care Review

A while back now I was looking around in Boots, not expecting to find anything interesting. I headed over to the reduced section, just browsing at a few things that were on offer, and there they were. Three must have products I so wanted to try, especially as they were on the more expensive range of skin care. Though, being reduced by nearly half their price, bargain! I picked up the Avene Cleanance Cleansing Water, Avene Cleanance Toner and the Avene Cleanance Mask. Taking them to the till expecting to pay about £20 (give or take), the lady on the till ran them through with a grand total of £15, WHAT?? It turns out they were also on offer at 3 for 2, could not believe it that is that actual full price of just the mask alone, a definite steal. I have been using these products on and off for the past three months now, and can actually talk about them with honesty and results.

The Avene Cleanance Cleansing Water, cost me only £8, originally costing £16. I use this product to remove my makeup, and it's great at removing eye makeup without making my eyes sting. It breaks down the makeup really well and you don't need to go over it again, and it even works on full coverage makeup. The smell of this product is very clean and almost soapy scent, however, I do still find I need to wash my face afterwards. This is because it seems to leave a sticky residue on my face, which I hate as I am an oily skinned person, it just adds to my over night oils. With that said I do feel a difference in my skin that it is much softer and cleaner looking, as well as seeing a difference in blemishes being reduced. Though, as makeup remover is concerned I believe there are better products out there that don't cost as much.

The Avene Cleanance Toner cost me only £5.25 (the cheapest of the 3), originally costing £11. This product is designed to fight oil, especially in the T-zone. The scent is similar to the Cleansing Water, very clean and soapy, and it also leaves a sticky residue. However, I have found that using a very small amount actually stops the sticky feeling and only using it in the T-zone and oily areas makes the sticky feeling lessen. For me personally the product didn't last very long only about 4 or 5 hours before the oils came through, so if you are an overly oily person this may not be the product for you. However, being that it was summer, this product may be more suited to the winter for super oily people. As the product is made up of two liquids that need to me mixed together before use, I find the lower liquid (thicker/white liquid) gets used up a lot faster. This is a bit of a problem as I believe that is the main ingredient that helps this product to fight the oils, and not having enough left will make this product near worthless. As oil controlling toners and lotions are concerned, I don't believe there is any product out there at the moment that can truly control the oils for long periods of time. I would also suggest not using an oil control product during the summer months as it seems to add to the oils already produced by the skin.

The Avene Cleanance Face Mask cost me only £7.50, originally costing £15. This product by far has been the best and made a significant difference in my skin. This mask is only 50ml which is a little disappointing as I feel that there should be a bigger size, as I can see myself using up this product in a few weeks. So, I have been limiting the amount of times I mask my face. It is a white cream product that has exfoliating beads, when you apply this to your face you start feeling the effects. It starts to tingle blemishes, those just starting and those pesky ones that won't go away. The tingling feeling does go away after a minute, apply this product to your entire face or areas of concern, wait about 5 - 10 minutes (or like me 15) and it's ready to come off. It doesn't dry hard, but like the consistency of cream cheese, wetting your hands start to rub the exfoliating beads, this helps remove dead skin and even lifted black heads. Repeat this motion all over your face, when your happy just wash the product off. It smells like the other two products, but, unlike the other two this does not leave your face feeling sticky, but soft, clean and fresh. For me I have seen it make a huge difference in my skin to the point that it has cleared up so much, as well as fighting blemishes clearing them up within two days. 

All these products are designed for oil, blemish prone skin, but out of all the products I would 100% recommend The Avene Cleanance Face Mask. It does exactly what it says, and it has improved my skin so much that I couldn't live without it. If you have very oily skin and have problems with blemishes and can't seem to find anything to help, definitely try the face mask.

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