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YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Review (Pink in Paris)

I have always wanted to own a YSL lipstick as I am in love with the packaging. Recently I went to Cyprus and had to wait in duty free for about three hours before heading back to the UK. Now, that's a long time to wait with the temptation of duty free makeup, so I caved and picked up a YSL lipstick.

The packaging of the lipstick is very high-end and looks like it is worth the money spent on it, with the gold outer packaging and the gold detailed packaging of the lipstick. The color is a very natural nude red/pink with a hint of silver flakes through it. The actual movement of the lipstick tube is very soft and easy to move, and the weight to the lipstick as a whole is a fair wait. This attention to detail makes this product well worth the money and a bit of praise to YSL for taking the time to consider the smaller details.

However, with praise there is still some down sides to this product, the price for some can be a bit much, but if you want high quality and attention to detail it shouldn't be a problem. The smell of the product is very strange as it is fruity but also has a hit of something else. The fruity side of the scent is very nice but the after/hidden scent isn't very nice, it makes the product seem very much a waste of money.

But with this said, I would still buy this product again and in other colors as it is such a great product. With the only downside from the price being the slight scent it has, it has faired a lot better than some products I own. I would definitely recommend this product if you are after a high-end lipstick that is reliable and worth the money. However, I would also suggest MAC lipsticks as they do have a much better scent and there are a lot more colors at a cheaper price.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine - £25 (I paid £20 in duty free)
MAC Lipsticks - £15.50-£20

Stay Gorgeous

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