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School Supplies Wish List

It almost September and for some of you its back to school in the next couple of weeks and for others the count down to university is starting. Like all the other university students I am starting to think about what supplies I am going to need for classes, so I thought it would be a good idea to start a shopping list before I go and stock up. This list will be great for all education from school to university, and give you some idea of what things you might want. It might even give you other options you didn't think of. 

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous
(PS. A school supplies video will be up in the next couple of weeks or so x)

These are most of the supplies I need. The prices are just a rough guide and place to go, I can get these products cheaper in other places. Just take your time and look around, the Samsung keyboard was cheaper on Amazon as it costs about £70 in PC World.

See you Dolls Soon

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