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Reptile Expo Kempton Park '14

As pay back for dragging my fiancee to IMATS, he dragged me to the Reptile Expo in Kempton Park Surrey on 17th August. Before we headed off, we had read about things that were going to be sold there, a lot of reptiles and insects as well as all the goodies you need to set up a good life for them. My fiancee was also looking out for a Jungle Carpet Python for his ever grow collection of reptiles. He had found a Jungle Python in our local reptile shop, but he wanted to wait and was told by the shop owner to wait and see if there was a better one at the show (strange for a shop owner to talk you out of a sale).

Well the day came and we didn't get to the expo until half 12 (the expo opened at 10.30) it was only £5 entry for adults and you got given a free goodie bag as you went in. It was incredibly busy and you couldn't move at all. You just had to mouse step until you found a space, and rush to the space, price wise of the extras for tanks were a little cheaper. But, I think some of the stuff on sale was a little over priced for what it was, we bought two large pieces of wood for £30, but the quality would have been better if we cut it off a dry tree. Later we found out that the wood had an infestation of insects and ants, a good thing we took it outside and never put it into the tank (£30 wasted). There were so many stalls on the ground floor that there was not much movement, and when you have people in wheel chairs you couldn't go anywhere. The layout of the ground floor could have been made better as the first floor had loads of room to walk around and actually some of the stalls could have gone up there. On the ground floor, there were a lot of snake stools with a lot of Hognose snakes, Bull Pythons and Boa Constrictors, with a few different colored Corn snakes. In one corner there was a stall set up by customs showing what sort of thing they get through on planes and boats coming to this country. There were alligator heads, bear heads, turtles and even a lions head, it's strange what people think can come into the country. There were a small selection of tanks available to buy, with some stools doing offers to get a tank set up. Great, for anyone who over buys the reptiles being sold. There was a bar on the ground floor but they only sold soft drinks beer and crisps (not exactly lunch food) and the only toilets available were on the ground floor next to the bar.

On the first floor, there was a lot more room to move and look around (as well as doing a little filming), there were a lot of tarantulas, and invertebrates as well as some snakes. We found an official stool that sold Jungle Carpet Python, which we stood for ages at looking at different coloring of them. We also saw some blue scorpions (think they were blue from UV light) as well as 'Living Rocks' which I think are a fungus (first thing you think of are the rock trolls in Frozen). There were a few leather back lizards, but most of the lizards were there for show not being sold. There was also a nursery on the first floor to leave any reptiles you have, this is a great idea to stop people walking around with loads of reptiles. Going back to the Jungle Carpet Pythons, my fiancee finally settled on a year old male Zebra Jungle Carpet Python. But, we stood there for half an hour looking at coloring, and in all honesty there wasn't too much difference between them.

So leaving with two large bits of wood, snake hook, Nutrabol, bug water and a snake we headed home. My overall opinion of this expo was that it wasn't as great as everyone made out it was. I'm not sure if it was the fact we were late or it was just a bad year for the expo, but the variety wasn't there for me. For an exotic/reptile expo there were mainly snakes, even my fiancee felt a bit disappointing that the variety wasn't there. He really wanted to see if there were any monitor lizards (he is thinking of breeding, I don't think its a good idea), but there was just nothing. I personally wouldn't go again unless it had a lot more variety available, but I think my fiancee would go again as he just loves them. Though, we did get a few freebies, not that I can use them as there was water conditioner for hermit crabs and turtle food. Great if you already have them, but seen as they were not even selling them I don't understand why they would give you freebies for them. 

Our new addition still has no name, let me know what you would call him?
Stay Gorgeous

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