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Plague Inc App Review

It's a bit of a different post, but every now and then you need to venture out.

I've been addicted to this game for about a year now, after I was browsing for some apps I could play during my breaks and after work. My love of zombies and killing games I thought this game would appeal to me, thinking it was more of a zombie game. But, when I downloaded it I was surprised that it was a game to kill off the world, Interesting! 

At the start of the game you play as a Bacteria with the option to play beginners, normal and hard, I would suggest the beginners just to see how to play the game. Though, to unlock the other plagues you need to complete the levels on normal or hard. The game works with you first choosing a country to first infect (TIP: Choose a third world country as countries like US and UK make the infection slow). You will then see a Red Bubble, which you click to gain DNA point, you will also see Orange Bubble which will also give you DNA points if you tap them. The DNA points help to evolve the plague with Transmission, Symptoms and Abilities.

Transmission is the way the plague can travel around the world and from person to person. The transmissions are water, air, animals, mosquito and blood. Water, is the ability for the plague to travel on boats, Air is the ability for the plague to travel on planes (TIP: Water and Air are the best to develop to help infect the world, great for the first 4 or 5 plagues). After you have developed the Water and Air twice, there will be a development to make the plague Water and Air resistant, which means that the plague will not be stopped and usually infect all planes and boats. Animal transmission is between Birds, Rats and Cattle, Birds is great when you get the message that there is a large bird migration, the plague travels slightly north and is able to move into new countries. The Rats and Cattle help to increase the infection spread from person to person within a country, the more infected the quicker the spread of the plague. The mosquito is great to spread the infection from person to person within hotter countries such as Africa. The Blood transmission is more effective in poor regions and helps spread the infection from person to person through blood to blood contact. 

Symptoms are what is needed to help spread the infection and develop it to be deadly, this is great when you have infected all the people in the world and have to start killing them off. The symptoms start small, like rash or insomnia and can develop into comas and pulmonary shut down (TIP: Once all the world is infected try to get the two symptoms in the middle as they will kill off the world a lot quicker). Some of the symptoms can help decrease the productivity of the world finding a cure for the plague. 

Abilities are things that help the plague to survive and overcome the cure development. There are usually plague specific things here as well such as a spore development (for fungus) ect. Though, there are three abilities that are present for all the plagues, they are Cold Resistance, Heat Resistance and Drug Resistance. Cold Resistance is great if you started your plague in a hot country, it helps it to survive the colder climates. Heat Resistance is great if you started in a cold country for it to spread. The cold and heat resistance is also useful to help the spread of the infection from person to person, when developed further you can make the plague climate resistant (TIP: Cold and Heat Resistance is great to help spread the plague I would develop these before the Drug Resistance). Drug Resistance is just want it says it starts to resist drugs, this is great for when the cure is being developed. Choosing the right drug resistance can slow the development right down and can even cut the development down to half.

When your plague becomes more lethal and starts to kill off man kind some countries will start to develop a cure. This will be noticeable by a blue plane and then there will be a Blue Bubble to tap. This bubble indicates a cure being developed and you will hear glass smashing when you tap the bubble. To stop a cure being developed you can do one of two things (or both if you prefer), one is to kill off the country trying to develop a cure, this is good but you can end up killing off people before the world is infected (so you die out) (TIP: I would suggest kill the country off when you are infected it is highly effective to slow cure development). The second, is to develop a drug resistance to the cure, this only slows the process and can take time, which if the cure is at 50% you don't really have. I have only needed to develop a drug resistance when infecting the world with a fungus, this is because a fungus takes a lot of time to spread and develop that a cure can start to early.

Developing these aspects of the plague helps it evolve, develop and spread. The aim of the game is to infect every living person and kill them all off, its a bit sadistic but a lot of fun. It is usually a little slow at first and you'll find that maybe a year passes before the plague spreads, but once it starts it doesn't slow down and you'll find the world becoming red.

The aim of the game is to kill off man kind, as quick as possible. You can unlock achievements, such as walking dead and streets of brown, these go towards your level on Google play (if you connect the game to you Google + account).

The game at first is free, but to be able to unlock the gene codes you need to pay for the full game, which on Android is £0.65. There are also extra plagues which you can pay for on the game, such as the Simian Flu (based on The Rise of the Planet of the Apes) for £1.41 (on Android), Necroa Virus (Zombie Virus) for £1.41 (on Android), Neurax Worm (a mind control parasite) for £1.39 (on Android). There is also a Scenarios Expansion pack, which are real life pandemics/epidemics that you can change to take over the world. You can unlock individual scenarios for £0.70 or the full pack of scenarios for £2.74, there is a plague pack which is £7.19 (at the moment) which includes the full pack of scenarios, the zombie virus and mind control parasite.

I would suggest this game if you like strategy games, or games that are sort of sciency and zombie-ish. It really makes your mind think and actually educates you on how infections spread and cause so much devastation as they do. 

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous

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