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New Cid Cosmetics I-Crayon Review

Journeys on the train can be a bit of a bore, especially if you do them as often as I do. To pass the time I usually pick up one or two magazines that are out, usually the ones with freebies (you know I love my freebies). Well last month I picked up a magazine and the freebie inside was a lip and cheek crayon by a brand I have never heard of, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Lip and cheek crayons seem to be the must haves recently, knocking lipsticks and gloss off the top spot. Being the beauty addict I am, I have tried many different types of lip crayon and I do have my favorites. So, for a new comer it had to live up to my high standards, as well as looking good on the lips (I haven't tested this product on the cheeks as I'm not a massive lover of cream blush. I only like a few cream blushes hehe x)

At first glance there is nothing special to this product, and actually the packaging is really flimsy. The screw bottom which moves the crayon up doesn't stick to lock the product in place. The packaging could do with a much needed revamp, with more harder plastic and writing which doesn't come off so easily. Another downside to this product is its availability, there aren't many places you can buy this brand apart from online (feelunique.com and their own website). The worse part of it is that you cannot buy this particular product online or anywhere that I have seen.

Though with these poor sides exposed the actual product is amazing, it is such a shame that you cannot buy this product anywhere. The shade is Rose Tint, which is a perfect deep red nude color, which I love for an everyday look (it was even featured in a favorites video). The color goes perfectly with fair skin as a more deeper nude and great for darker skin tones as it is such a universal nude. As for using it as a cream blush, I don't think it would look very good on fair skin as it is fairly deep. The product is also very hydrating and moisturizing, which means the product is very shiny and slick. Apart from the color, the smell of this product is so delicious. It has a fruity sweet smell to it, which reminds me of back in the day when you used to buy lip glosses that had a fun sweet smell. Its a time capsule back to my youth, and looks very much grown up for my 22 year old self.

I would suggest this product to anyone if it were available, if it does become available I will update this post to tell you how much and where to get it. However, there are a few other products by this brand which I am really excited to purchase and use, such as blushes and lip glosses.

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