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Essence Cosmetics Review

I've seen this brand on Instagram quite a few times and have always thought you couldn't get it in the UK as I have never seen it here before. Popping into Wilkinson's to have a look at the magazines and home-wear, I walked right into the cosmetics section. Low and behold there on a whole shelf to itself Essence Cosmetics, all displayed with polish, shadows, blush, new additions and brushes. I couldn't believe it, so me being me, I couldn't decide what I wanted to try first, so play it safe and I went for a pressed pigment eye shadow, eye shadow and blush. 

Getting home I couldn't wait to swatch these products and the swatches were amazing, really pigmented and so beautiful. So, I had high hopes for these products when it came to using them. It took a few weeks till I used the products and they were slightly disappointing.

The Blush was part of their new additions summer range, with the color being what caught my eye. It is the Blushed Up Blush in shade 10 Heat Wave, which is a very pretty fade in of orange/peach to pink color. The swatch was highly pigmented and would look great on tanned skin in the summer. But when it came to using the blush, I found it over powdery and there was a lot of fall out from the brush. The color was very faded and it was be nothing for a while then the color would come all at once, and with fair skin it looked over the top. To actually use this product well I have have to band off all the fall out before applying it to my face, then I've had to build the color up slowly and slight. As well as this I have also had to avoid applying it to the apples of my cheeks to avoid that strange over the top look. However, this product is such a pretty color and is great for tanned and darker skin tones, it is also great to help put more color into a contour before applying a coral blush.

I also purchased the Metal Glam Eye Shadow, which to me is more like a pressed pigment as it is more shimmer and glitter then shadow. I got the shade 07 Golden Up! which is more of a pale gold color, but on the eyes does come out more on the silvery side. There is slight fall out, the same as you would with actually pressed pigments. The upside to this product is that it is the prefect shade of gold as it is not to yellow and not to silvery. It also helps emphasis the eyes for a great glamorous look, and would look great on all skin types.

Finally my last purchase was a holographic effect shadow in 74 Peach Beach, a shimmery shadow. At first glance it had a lot of shimmer in it, but once used the shimmer is far less, as there seems to be a shimmer spray over the top of the shadow. The color to me is perfect a good cheap dupe to Stila Kitten but a more pink/peachy color, a pink champagne color. On the lid there is not much fall out that is noticeable and would look great on all skin tones. I think the only problem is the fact that the shimmer is not all the way through as it looks, but far lighter shimmer through it. 

Though there are a few downsides to these products I would buy more shadows for the price of them. However, I probably won't rush out to buy any other products by this brand after having as many downsides as they do. I will however, try more products just not straight away, but for the price of these I would suggest to anyone looking for a cheap brand of eye shadow give it a go.
Blush Up £3.50
Eye Shadow £1.60

Stay Gorgeous

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