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50 Facts About Me

After seeing Gabby's (aka Velvetgh0st) 50 facts about me video I was inspired to do my own. Coming up with 50 facts was hard but once you start to remember things it becomes easier. I did however, make a little mistake in my video as I missed out a fact, but I remembered another. Big oops for me, anyway I hope you dolls enjoy x

  1. My name is Jessica, can be spelt two ways the original way or Jessika just to spice things up 
  2. I am 22
  3. I'm a Gemini, I was born on the 20th June
  4. I was born 3 days earlier then doctors said, but when I was born I was actually late. I should have been born end of May beginning of June. They knew I was late as I was already peeling.
  5. I was born blonde hair and blue eyes, but ended up with brown hair and green eyes
  6. I have a scar on my finger from a mouse, long story but I put my finger where I shouldn't have.
  7. I have a dog called Muttley
  8. I also have a Red Tegu (lizard) called Goliath
  9. I have a varicose vein in my neck
  10. I was nick named Jessica The Wrecker, as I used to dismantle my God Father's parents fireplace and hide it round the house.
  11. I love animals, I want to become a vet. One day
  12. I had a panic attack on the London Underground after watching the film Knowing
  13. I love natural disaster films, like Twister, Armageddon
  14. I love tornadoes, I wish I could chase one and see it in real life
  15. I chipped my bottom tooth on a fork
  16. I chipped my top tooth on the dog, we head butted
  17. I still have my baby's blanket, which I still sleep with
  18. My favorite Disney film is Tangled
  19. I love crime programs, like Hannibal, CSI and True Crime
  20. I write lists for everything
  21. I am so organised that I am usually hours early for things, I had to wait outside a shop for two hours as I was so early no one was there.
  22. I have a degree in Animal Science
  23. I try to do everything myself, like my own food, washing, clothes design and at the moment trying to do my blog makeover myself.
  24. I met my fiancee on Facebook in 2009, we started talking 3-ish years before that (there is 5 years difference between us)
  25. We got engaged on the London Eye in 2013
  26. I have held monkeys
  27. I have held alligators (and feed dolphins and stingrays)
  28. I love theme parks
  29. I have road rage, and I don't actually drive
  30. I love travelling, one day I will travel the world
  31. I have looked down into the Grand Canyon, got vertigo and felt like I was going to fall, what an experience
  32. I have made money in Vegas, only $9 but still I made and not lost
  33. I would love to live in the States, I just love the weather, people, beauty and food
  34. I remember all my dreams (I should write a book, they are that weird)
  35. The strangest dreams happen when I drink Capri Sun before bed
  36. I love reading, I read the 50 shades trilogy in 4 days
  37. I love swimming, I wish I was a mermaid
  38. I used to swim off the coast of the UK, at that is bloody freezing
  39. I'm allergic to angora wool
  40. I get rashes in wet suits as sand usually gets in
  41. I love gaming, I own so many consoles its hard to remember all of them
  42. I grew up as a tomboy and then suddenly changed for no reason
  43. I met Levi Roots and had no idea who he was, he sang and hugged me
  44. I met Sasha Baron Coan at LAX airport
  45. I've been in a police car but not as a bad guy
  46. I made my teacher cry, but for a good reason (and no not because I hit her and she deserved it, I wasn't a bad girl, I was a nerd)
  47. I got sunburn so bad that I melted my shoulders to my tee and my parents had to cut it off me
  48. The first holiday I can remember, my brother dropped his bottle on someone and we spent the whole holiday shouting out Up Yours
  49. I got my first grey hair at 18, now I have 3 hairs that keep coming back (not good)
  50. I got stung by a jellyfish and was paralyzed for 2 days oops!
That is my 50 facts about me, I hope you enjoy let me know any fun facts about you. 

Stay Gorgeous

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