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Rodial Super-food Kit Review

Catching sunburn on the my last day in Cyprus, the irritation on the plane was uncomfortable. So, grabbing the in-flight shopping book I found a product that said it helped with sunburn, great I'll have it. It did help my sunburn, but it also primarily works as a facial treatment.

The kit cost me only £25 on Monarch Airlines, but retails for £30 in Selfridges&Co, this kit is miniatures of everything, the kit at full size is £65 from Debenhams (at the moment its on offer at £39). 

This kit includes:
Stem Cell Super-food Glam Balm (which can be used as a lip balm),
Stem Cell Super-food Glam Balm Lip (Not included in the kit but is the same as above. Got this in a magazine)

These products have done wonders for my skin, which I wasn't expecting as my skin is predominantly oily to very oily. Being oily skinned not all moisturizers and cleansers help with the oils and actually make my face feel overly oily. However, this product didn't, but kept my face hydrated. That is a strange trait to have but it really does work, which leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and younger.

The Stem Cell Super-food Cleanser is great at getting rid of makeup and dirt deep within your pores. All you need to do is take a bit of the cleanser on a dry face and rub it into the skin. Once it is all rubbed into the skin, take the muslin cloth and run it under a warm tap, then in circular motion remove the cleanser. The  cloth is slightly rough, which is great at getting rid of all that dirt and dead skin cells but can be harsh for sensitive skin. This cleanser I make my skin feel very soft and clean, with a hint of moisturizer as well. You can also use this product as a hydrating face mask, by putting a thick layer of cleanser on your skin and waiting 15 minutes before washing it off. This again makes your skin feel even softer and hydrated.

The Stem Cell Super-food Day Cream is exactly like a moisturizer, in the way you apply it to your face after it has been cleaned with the cleaner. This further hydrates the skin and helps bring radiance and life back into it. I have also found my skin has a bit more elasticity and feels plumper, like its getting younger (I must stress I am only 22 so this is the differences I see).

Accompanying the Day Cream you can apply the Stem Cell Super-food Facial Oil. OMG, this product is slowly becoming my holy grail of facial oils. It is so luxurious and hydrating to the skin, it also doesn't leave your skin feeling oily or greasy which is a plus for my oily skin. Again, I wasn't 100% sure about putting oil on my face but it didn't feel caked on at all. It even adds to the softness your face is already feeling and I think it helps stimulate the Stem Cells more.

The Stem Cell Super-food Glam Balm can be used 100 ways, but the way I have been using it as is an under eye balm. As it can be used to help plump up the lips and skin as well as hydrate dry areas and sunburn. With this plumping action I thought I would try it under my eyes to see if it would plump up and reduce some of the bags under my eyes. I have only used it a couple of times and I have seen a slight difference but nothing as substantial as the other products. This product however, does have a bit of a down side, and that is that it does feel cakey on the skin. It's a very thick formula and feels as thick as Vaseline, so its not as light weight or as pleasant as the other products, so I only use this product at night.

Finally the Stem Cell Super-food Glam Balm Lip is exactly the same as the Glam Balm, but with added wax. This product again is thick but it is very hydrating on the lips and I do feel my lips getting slightly plumper. The idea to plump the lips is only on the basis that you apply it to bare lips three times a day, but I'm lazy and only put it on morning and evening. Being a thick product it doesn't feel as nice on the lips as most lip balms, but it doesn't give your lips that tingling feeling lip plumpers do. All in all, this product is a good product but for quick results it is not that great.

These products have been a revelation to my skin care routine and I couldn't ask for more. It is such a great product set and  makes me feel like I'm battling the old age face. As it is fairly new to me I haven't seen any signs of breakouts or even my skin starting to reject it. I'm hoping this product stays in my life for a while and I am so glade I made that sneaky purchase on the plane.


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