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Primark Scented Candles: Review

I've been wanting to do a review on Primark's candles for ages but haven't got round to it, but after making such a dent in one of my candles I thought it was a good time to review. 

I'm a huge lover of candles especially scented ones, so I have a few Yankee candles and far more that have been used up. But, Yankee candles can be on the pricey side and for something that doesn't last very long it can be an expense. But, around the end of last year more affordable candles were coming on sale, from places like Tesco, Asda, Primark and Wilkinson's (more places but I can't name everyone). After purchasing some from Tesco, Primark and Wilkinson's, I started to use up my samples of Yankee candles I had left. Finished, I started on the Wilkinson's ones (some Christmas gift set) but the smell wasn't that pleasant, but after much consideration I decided to light my Primark candles. 

Now these are by far the biggest and cheapest I could find retailing at only £2 with a range of smells. But, being cheap I had my reservations thinking that the smell wouldn't be as fragrant once burnt as it was un-burnt. I currently own two Primark candles (Sweet Vanilla and Coconut and White Jasmine and Lily), My favorite by far is the Sweet Vanilla and Coconut, I love coconut and every time I smell this candle I get hungry. In my opinion these are the best two sold by Primark and are defiantly on par with the medium Yankee candle jars, however, the burning time is the same as the small jars. I think the only thing Yankee candle do better is that they have a much more wider range of smells and special smells for different times of the year, however, with the cheaper price there is not much competition. 

The burning time on these candles is 30 hours, but I believe they burn for a bit longer (it is only an approximate), they are also very strong smelling. This to me is great but I know some people cannot have too strong a smell as it can become nauseating. But, I enjoy the sudden hint of coconut from my desk when the candle isn't burning it just makes me feel all homely. The White Jasmine and Lily candle though has a very different smell to any other White Lily candles I have smelt before. The smell is compared to Coke-a-Cola and OMG it is amazing. It actually brings me back to my youth of kids parties and having fun with your friends in the summer holidays, as well as making my whole room smell like the inside of a Coke can.

If you haven't invested in any Primark candles yet, I would defiantly consider adding them to you collection. They are inexpensive and give off loads of scent, as well as being handy for fancy glasses when your done, great for makeup. So head out and get your today.

What's your favorite candle?

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  1. Oh that's super interesting! We're getting a primark soon and I've been wondering about the quality of their candles. Thanks! :)

    Patricia B in France

  2. I had my reservations thinking that the smell wouldn't be as fragrant once burnt as it was un-burnt. Scented Space

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