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Mock the Week

Thursday 10th July Mock the Week was shown on BBC 2 at 10 pm and I was in the audience. I actually attended the recording of Mock the Week on the 8th July, at the ITV London Studio. 

Arriving at London Waterloo station at 5 pm we headed off to find the studio. It was only 10 minutes walk from the station so we got there early so we would get good seats and take a few photos (before we got into the studio. You aren't supposed to take photos inside, but most people took a cheeky one before the show was even ready to start). 

Outside the studio you get to see a wall of fame sort of thing. It is a wall with hands of famous stars featured on ITV or in the studios. You saw the likes of Alan Carr and Paul O'grady's hands with a little message underneath. The queue started to head inside at about 5.45 pm and in we went past sets and stages to where the Mock the Week set was. Heading up the stand stair we got settled on the 4th row for the back, about the middle row of the stand. Seated and settled, some members of our party went off to the toilet as the set was slowly filling up. After about an hour the door closed and the set was full of audience members, at this point a very friendly comedian came to the set and started to tell a few jokes to get the audience pumped. With our faces started to hurt from laughter the producer came to the set to tell us what would be happening and what to expect. Now I have been to a TV recording before for Comedy World Cup with David Tennant, which was a bit similar to Mock the Week but not as funny. The same basis applies thought, that you have to laugh when something is funny and clap when directed to, as well as at the end having to record a clean laugh and a clean clap.

Once the info was said they introduced Dara O'briain who also said a few words and introduced to comedians who would be on the panel. The show is only 30 minutes long but they record a whole lot more than what you see. We were on the set for about 2 hours, to the point that my face hurt and throat hurt from laughing so much. Once the jokes were done and the clean laughs and claps were recorded the show was over. Heading back home we had to stop at McDonald's for dinner as it was closing in on 11 pm, tired. The train journey home was just a big old reminiscence of the show, laughing at jokes and wondering what ones will be used.

Now the show has been televised I can now tell you my favorite running joke was 'Princess Monaco of Kent'. Having such an amazing time we are putting in for more tickets to see the show again.

Mock the Week is shown 10 pm Thursdays and repeated on Sundays at about 10.30 pm on BBC 2


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