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Job Blog: Tips and Tricks for an Interview

Once you have prepared for your interview you actually have to attend the interview. Your preparation will help you with most of the interview but there are still a few things that that you need to do on the big day.

Ensuring you have all your information and at least two copies of your CV to hand. This is a step for preparation however, you need to actually remember to bring the paper work. Make sure that the paperwork is in a folder or plastic wallet as to keep it clean and neat. 

Interviewers make a first impression of you in just 2.7 seconds of seeing you and this time is very important to how you act on the day. Your clothes need to be neat and clean, anything easy will give the impression that you are messy and unorganized. The way you sit is very important as slouching or being hunched over gives the impression that you don't want to be there. Crossed arms are also give off the feeling that you are guarded and not very confident. This body language isn't just seen while you are in the interview or waiting for the interview, it can also be seen on your way to the interview. If you are going for an interview in a shopping mall they can ask to see the CCTV of your arrival and departure. This is to see if how you act or portray yourself is a front or is how you react most of the time. Now, we all know we never act professional all the time, especially on days off, but for purposes of the interview it is best to portray that persona.

It isn't just about body language that can be judged, its also your voice and the way you talk. Think about the kind of business/company you are being interviewed for, as you don't need to talk posh for a garage. But, the way you speak is important, if you are going to be interacting with customers they need someone who can speak clearly and confidently. The way you speak is not only what they hear from you, they can listen in to conversations on the phone of with other interviewees while you wait for your interview. They aren't ease dropping they are just listening to how you interact with other, to see if you are hiding your true colors. If you are talking on the phone they don't want to hear you being too loud or too quiet and they defiantly do not want to hear any fowl language being used. Being too loud on the phone can give the impression you are over confident, cocky and that you are a show off. But, being to quiet on the phone can give the impression you are not confident or have something to hide, so if you do need to use you phone before an interview think about who could be listening. If possible keep your phone on silent and kept away.

Eye contact is key while in your interview, keeping it shows you are confident and happy to be there. I wouldn't stare at the interviewer but eye contact is key, but don't worry you can look away at time you are trying to think of an answer. Try to smile, smiling makes you feel happy about the situation and will also make the interviewer feel more at ease, as well as show you are confident and want the job. Believe it or not, smiling is infectious and is a great attribute to a team, when your happy it starts to spread, just as it you were sad. Smelling nice is a good thing but, try to avoid over powering smells, when confined to a small room the smell can become unbearable for some, but make sure you wear deodorant.

Now first impressions can make or break peoples interview, but you can change their view of you, its all down to how you answer questions and portray yourself. You may look slightly fluster or a bit over done, but making sure you say the right things makes all the difference. Being able to tell the interviewer all about the company, or key aspects shows you are keen to work for them and shows you are committed. As well as how you answer the questions asked to you such as 'why do you want to work for us' or 'what could you bring to the team'. At the end you will be asked if you have any questions, make sure you have a good set of questions to ask such as 'are there any training programs to progress' or 'do you take on employees suggestions'. Don't ask questions about pay, money or holidays as you will find this out when you get the job.

You need to remember that not many employers actually read your CV before the interview, but read it while you are there, so know your CV inside out. Your CV isn't what gets you the job and neither is it your qualifications or experience, its your personality. Believe it or not about 55% of bagging the job is based on your personality, whether you'll fit in to the team or not. A good tip at showing off your personality is to think about the companies values and when answering questions about yourself incorporate them in. Remember, if you really want the job your face, answers and personality will shine through and you will be able to answer those questions addressed to you with ease.

So chin up and good luck.

Remember you Work to Live not Live to Work!

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