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Finding a Good Champagne Eye Shadow on the Cheap

There are many eye shadows out there but the one color which I find hard to find is a perfect champagne color, especially on a budget. Now my comparison is Stila Kitten, which is £12, I know it doesn't seem much but if you think about it for an eye shadow it is a bit too much. What I do like about this product is it is a very natural color. The simmer to matte ratio is great so there is a good amount of shimmer that it doesn't look too matte or too chunky. The color is very opaque and glides onto the eye, the amount you get is about the same as any ordinary eye shadow (not the small ones but average). To me the price was good as I don't use loads of shadow which means it will last a long time. The downside was obviously the price as I can by any other shadow for under £10 even under £5. As well as price I have found the product to be a little messy and the shimmer is all over the packaging and is very hard to remove. This break-away became more apparent when I took the shadow on a train journey in my bag and found a chunk had broken off. I repaired it with spirit but I feel the product may break again. So this is where finding a cheaper alternative came in, as I want a similar product, but if it breaks its not expensive to replace.

I chose four potential contenders to the cheap Stila Kitten alternatives, They are:
  1. Kiko in shade Rosey Almond 2
  2. Fashionista in shade Bella
  3. Barry M in shade Tan 3
  4. Essence in shade Peach Beach 74
These four shadows were around the £5 mark (give or take a little), which make them an instant bargain compared to the Stila Kitten. They all have shimmer running through then and they all resemble a shade of champagne color.

Kiko shadow was very powdery and the shimmer was not very noticeable in natural light, however, florescent light and flash showed up the shimmer. This product is was very hard to use on a dry brush and without primer, so I would suggest using this product with a lightly damp brush and eyelid primer. This product was only £5.90, and was purchased in Westfield shopping center in London, you can however, by Kiko online if you cannot find a store near you.

The Fashionista shadow was the one that resembled the Stila Kitten shadow the most. The shimmer was the perfect amount on the skin compared to the Stila, however, it did make a bit of a mess when trying to pick it up on the brush. the color in natural and fluorescent light was the same as Stila, but in the natural light maybe a little on the paler side. I purchased this shadow in Superdrug which it is still advertising online for £2.79, I haven't seen this brand in stores much any more but if you cannot find it in store just order online.

Barry M shadow Tan is a much more darker shade of champagne bordering on more of  bronze color. The shimmer amount is good, however a little less compared to the Stila shadow. The shimmer is not as noticeable in the natural light and the color comes out more brown in the light as well. The product however, only cost £2.99 and was really easy to apply. The only downside to this product is that it is easily broken in the bag so it wouldn't last as long as you would like it to.

Finally the Essence shadow is new to my collection and slightly on the pinker side, but who dosn't like pink champagne right. When looking at the products in this brand I was deciding on the better champagne colors, and this one was by far the better option as the others were slightly white and gray. This product was found by sheer fluke as I only popped into Wilkinsons for the Glamour magazines to get the Clinique free-bees. The product felt very creamy and glided on the skin perfectly, in natural light it looked more similar to the Stila shadow. However, it doesn't have enough shimmer to contend with Stila, but at only £1.59 it is the cheapest of all the products. 

With this said in my opinion the Fashionista shadow resembles the Stila shadow a lot more than the rest. But, I would say the Essence shadow was a big contender in the application of he product and the natural look. All these shadows were far less cheaper than the Stila shadow and can be used instead of it in my opinion. 

Whats your favorite champagne shadow? What would you suggest is better on price?
Let me know. Till next time.


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