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Dr Jart+ Premium BB Review

Now this was my go to product for my holiday, yes I did forget to mention it on my What's in my makeup bag video and post. This product was pretty much a lifesaver for my face for the week I was in Cyprus, as the sun was hot and could have easily burnt my face. As this product contains SPF 40 it was great, though it didn't stop me getting the annoying freckles I am still left with. The product was really easy to apply and was almost a universal shade, now most BB or CC creams I have tried in the past usually turn my skin a nice shade of orange. However, this product didn't leave a strange color to my skin at all, it even gave me a good coverage and blurred out any imperfections as well as being light on the skin. I applied the product with my fingers as it was too hot to use a brush and it saved on time and product, the product also came with a really easy pump, 1 - 2 pumps and that was my entire face covered. There is a lot of product you get for the price (40 ml), and the best part was I didn't even pay full price for this product any way as it was in the reduced section in Boots. This was probably the main reason I bought this product as it was cheaper than usual, at about £12 instead of £24 (half price, it was still on offer when I checked).

Now I have read that there were complaints that the product was to damp/liquidy and that it didn't really dry on the skin. Being an oily skinned person I was worried that the product would not be suited for me and that I had just wasted my money. However, using the product I was quite surprised that the product wasn't as runny as people had said it was. Yes the product is runny but I found it sunk into the skin and was only very slightly tacky to the touch if only a small amount was used (don't go over board, you'll clog the pores and waste product). As I prefer a matte finish I did apply little amount of powder (if it was just around the pool/villa) just to matte down the shiny areas, for days out I used a little bit more powder, though this was because it was overly hot and there was no way to stop sweating. 

In all this product is great, especially for holidays and days you don't need a lot of makeup on. It is also a perfect product for those of you who are more on the fair skinned side as this product doesn't leave you orange or off color. Though, I believe it will color match even if your skin color is darker. If you are worried this product is slightly runny just add a little bit of powder (I used Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder) and you'll be good to go.


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