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Cyprus Diary

If you didn't already know (as I have been going on about it for ages) I have recently come back from Cyprus (Greek side) and it was bloody amazing. It was so good that I wanted to share it with you x

Sunday morning 9 am - Only 3 hours until we get picked up from the house and taken to Gatwick South Terminal for our flight with Monarch leaving at 3:25 pm. Checking passport every 10 minutes and weighing my bag to make sure its not over weight, 20kg not to bad if I do say so myself. After getting everyone in one place (there were 5 of us including me) and chatting about what we will be doing for lunch and dinner as well as getting uber excited, the taxi arrived and we started our journey to Cyprus. Gatwick airport isn't the most fun place to be even worse when you are in a queue for the check in and once through security only have an hour and a half to do everything before the flight. Food there is nearly impossible to get unless you are really early for your flight or it has been delayed. We had to get sarnies, cakes and hot dogs as the queue for even McDonald's was a mission. But, our gate was called and we headed straight there with a quick stop at WH Smiths to pick up some sweets and reading material. We booked allocated seats so we knew we would all be together, and me I knew I had a window seat (claustrophobia). The flight was supposed to be about 4 1/2 hours, but we didn't take off on time. When we did leave, about hour later, the pilot said it would only take 3 1/2 hours great get there at about the same time not to bad. Up in the air you could see blue sky and clouds and then the sun setting over the world. 4 1/2 hours later we landed in Paphos, Cyprus (Yes the pilot lied grrr). Stepping out of the plain you were hit with the warm 26 degree heat, it was lovely and only 10 pm Cyprus time. Getting through to collect the bags was a long and the queue to get the hire car, even longer. finally at 11:30 pm we got into the hire car, well more like a van, and headed for Paphos to get a MaccyDs for dinner. McDonald's out there was incredible, I can only compare it to the McDonald's you get in America. The portions were huge and soo delicious, trying something new I ordered the Greek Chicken, and I could have had that more then once, its a shame they don't sell it in the UK. Watered and fed we quickly found a little shop to buy some water and beer (boys and shopping) and headed towards Polis. About 45 minutes later we were staring at the little dirt road that lead up to our villa. OMG! The villa was amazing, no one could believe how good it was. The villa was out of the way and above everyone else so there wasn't really any villas close by that you could see in and we were staying in a cute little town called Steni. Opening the doors to the villa I was in aw, the place was huge with lounge, kitchen and dining area. Running over to the doors to the back of the villa opened up into a outside lounge area with a 50" TV. Being about 1 am Cyprus time it was quite dark so we all had the lights on on our phones to have a look around the place. Then there's where we saw it, a Wolf Spider sitting on the outside door to my bedroom ewwww! leaving it well alone we went round the villa and found another, European Tarantula, its like a nightmare all these big spiders surrounding me. Leaving the spiders alone and feeling physically and mentally drained we headed to bed.

Day 2 - 11 am getting up and freezing my butt off, who knew that the air con would make me feel that cold. No food in the villa so no breakfast or lunch, shopping it is. Off to Polis for the supermarket to buy some goodies, but the view OMG the view was incredible and the heat it was already 29 degrees. Now sending boys to get the car hire is great except from they turned down the Sat Nav because they were told 'you won't need it, its a small island'. Now that great except we don't have a map so we don't really know where we are going, the shop was supposed to be about 10 minutes away but took us 30 minutes to find. Walking into the supermarket was strange, it was like walking into a Tesco but better. All the breads, milk and fresh fruit and veg were in the front of the store so we didn't have to wonder around lost. The fruit and veg were amazing to see, they were so big and juicy, the watermelons were the biggest thing I have ever seen the ones in the UK are nowhere near as big as those ones. We were shopping for about hour, hour and half when we had finished, with all the necessities and a few goodies, ie Mojitos. Back at the villa the goods were packed away and while the pool guys were cleaning the pool lunch was on the menu. Just some plane old sarnies but we did have some Pringles on the side. Pool clean, lunch inhaled and drinks poured, swimwear was out and lounging in the sun. Sun cream at the ready, choice Protect and Refresh (Note: this is not good, still got burnt wearing this sun cream, stick with normal sun cream not this spray oil stuff) sunnies on and after a while the heat got hotter and the pool was calling me. But first, I had to have a look about the villa, were I found Felix the cat. A stray which stays near the villa. The pool was amazing stayed at 34 degrees the entire holiday which was great as we did have evening dips. Evening was fast approaching, and the boys do as boys do and a BBQ was cooking away. Outside seating area near the BBQ was a must and made us all seem really expensive and together. After the burgers, sausages and chicken was eaten the leftovers were given to Felix, but as well as Felix being up, the giant ants were up to, not nice. Sitting down on the lounge chairs outside we put on a movie (In Time? the one with Justin Timberlake) and then headed for bed.

Day 3 - Oh No! Woke up and went to the kitchen for a drink and breakfast and found the freezer door open. Everything in the freezer was gone, the ice was now water, fish fingers and chips now mush and the fridge was starting to get warm as it was putting more energy in cooling the freezer. So, plans had to change and it was back to the supermarket we go, lucky we had a spare fridge freezer so all the perishables went in there (ie/ milk and meat). Seen as we were in the supermarket I thought I would purchase some cat food to help fatten Felix up. We also came up with a few more meals to cook up at the villa, tonight's meal, spagbol. But, for the day, another lounge by the pool with more Mojitos yummy and more sun to start topping up my tan. In the evening a bit of night time swimming, actually feels really nice at night.

Day 4 - Zoo Day! Got up about 10 and had a healthy breakfast of Fruit Loops, and set off for a hot day in Paphos Zoo (or Pafos Zoo). The Zoo originally used to be a bird park so there were a lot more birds then other animals but the zoo is fairly big, and on one of the hottest days there it took its toll on us. Half way round the park we stopped to buy a cold drink and an ice cream, ice cream of choice, Big Top Gun. A massive ice cream cone which started to melt almost instantly as the temperature was about 42 degrees. A bit further along we got to the Flamingo Restaurant where we sat down and had some much needed lunch and a few more cold drinks. Food of choice for my self was a Halloumi and ham toastie with a few glasses of Fanta, yummy. The day was getting hotter and hotter and we were getting sweatier and sweatier, so after we got through the rest of the park we headed back to the villa. We headed back a different way so we could have a look at some of the local beaches one in particular was Latchi. In the evening we had some fish and chips, home made of course and watched some TV outside.

Day 5 - Another hot day just lazing round the villa. I can't really say much for this day all we did was buy some more BBQ food and swim about. I did go searching for lizards and bugs, I did take the opportunity to take some pictures of the villa, inside and out. I even got to take some pictures of the sun set as we were eating dinner. On this day we discovered Felix had a family of a wife and three little kittens, so we had to feed them up as well. I think they were grateful they weren't hissing in the end. To end my day off I enjoyed a good face mask to keep my skin clear and fresh.

Day 6 - BEACH! BEACH! BEACH! headed out to Latchi Beach yay. Found the beach pretty easily and parked up, when the car doors open the heat hit me. It was so warm that I felt like I had hundreds of layers on, so off to the bar we go. Water gathered, sun loungers and umbrellas payed for it was time to soak up that sun. After half an hour we got ready to do a bit of snorkeling. The water was warm with a few cold patches which felt very strange, the water wasn't as clear as I would have liked it, as the sand was getting kicked up by everyone. By never the less I ventured on with my snorkeling and got to see some small fish. Eyes burning from the salt water and couldn't stand no more it was time to get out and enjoy the sun. The sun was just getting higher and higher and hotter and hotter, so much so when it came to leave I had developed a tan line on my ankle from my flipper socks. I only had the socks on for about 20 minutes before I took them off but that was enough to leave me with a mark. As one of our friends were not feeling well we headed back to the villa to drop him off and get ready for dinner back at Latchi marina. Wearing my mint green dress and pastel statement necklace from Primark and my jelly flatforms from New Look, it was time to hit the marina. The sun was just starting its decent when we arrived at the marina, so we decided to dine at a restaurant called Seafare, which sold fresh fish and steak. Ordering a Halloumi starter and Swordfish main, the halloumi was perfectly cooked and just melted in the mouth and the swordfish was fresh and delicious. Desert of choice, yogurt and honey yummy, my partner decided on banana and ice cream, both were huge. To end the meal a complementary whisky for the men and Tia Maria for the women yummy. A walk along the marina seeing all the cats, which out there are pests, and a little bit of souvenir shopping. Back to the villa, and relax. But, Oh Wait! What is that crawling along the ceiling? Oh Yeah, a huge Wolf spider Great. So there is me on the sofa filming two boys trying to get ride of the spider. It took about 30 minutes to get the spider out of the villa, and after all that commotion it was time for bed.

Day 7 - Our last day at the villa nooo! Waking up and looking outside the sun was shining and the blue sky was calling me out, but breakfast and washing had to be done. A lovely bowl of chocoballs later and a load of washing on I went outside. The sight was now not as it was before but started to get grey and a little dark, no don't say its going to rain on our last full day at the villa. The wind had picked up and the umbrella had been knocked down, so that had to be put down and things put away. So with the weather not knowing what it was doing, we sat in the lounge and played some card games. Games such as lair (known differently but too rude to write), go fish (the one where you make the most set of fours to win) and sevens. After the games I took a look outside and the sunshine and blue skies were back, though there was a mist on the horizon. Low on drinks, we decided to go back to the supermarket one last time to buy some drinks and I bought a strange coconut roll, which was really nice and smelt really coconutty (like the coconut candle from Primark). Back at the villa I wanted to catch the last of the suns rays before it went down, so headed outside to lounge and catch up on some Youtube videos. At about 7 pm I started cooking tonight's dinner, curry. Now, I had to cook a Korma and a spicy curry as well as some rice, went well until the end when the rice burnt to the pan and I got burnt by the spicy curry spitting at me. Sitting down with a nice cold mojito, I relaxed, but not for long as I still had to pack my bag and decided what to wear tomorrow for a day out in Paphos and the late night flight back to the UK. Now when deciding what to wear was a challenge as I needed something airy and light for the day but something that might keep me warm when arriving in the UK. Lets just say airy and summery won that decision, well time to relax and join the boys watching Freddie Got Fingered. A bit of a silly film and does get on my nerves but I've seen it so much and heard so many lines you just have to join in with he stupidity. Once the film had finished the dishwasher was filled and set on and my partner started to pack, we didn't settle down for bed till 2 am.

Day 8 - No our last day in Cyprus. Well the alarm went off at 8 am and I was a busy bee getting dressed, choice was a playsuit, and cleaning up. The deadline to leave the villa was 10.30am actual time we left was 11 am. We left late due to a passport search, one of our friends couldn't find their passport, where was it in their hand luggage the whole time lol. Leaving the villa we decided to stop in the cafe in Steni for some bruch, the cafe was called the Windmill. The service was fantastic and so friendly, food was amazing and at a great price, it was the first time we got drink for 1 euro. Finishing brush we started our drive to Paphos to visit the ruins in the World Heritage Site. Arriving we walked along near the sea and it look beautiful, and the sun was so bright and hot, oh no. To get in to the world heritage sit in Paphos cost only 4.50 euros each, not to bad. the ruins were great to look out and the ancient Odeon was fun to walk down, and the ruins only took about 2 hours to go around, just enough time for me to get sun burnt.Yes sun burnt, I survived all week and in the last 8 hours I get burnt boo. The ruins done we traveled to the near by shopping mall, Tomb of the Kings Mall (something like that), and it was free underground parking to the mall jackpot. Inside the mall the air con was bowing and cooling down my burnt arms, the first thing that caught my eye though was Inglot, god I wish I went in a bought something now. The mall was a fair size but not as big as Bluewater or Lakeside, but a decent size with a good range of shops and restaurants. We decided at about 5:30 pm we would have lunch in TGI Fridays, but in the mean time we would look in some of the shops and play some games in the arcade. 5:30 pm came along and TGI's were calling, getting seated straight away we decided what to get. Drinks wise I ordered a Cappuccino Frappe yummy, and a chicken pilly burger soo yummy. Now me and my partner cannot go anywhere without buying a pudding, so pudding was on the cards and what did I get, a Mocha Ice cream pudding covered in Oreo and almonds. It was so good that I couldn't finish it, the portion size was massive and so filling. Food eaten, it was time to start making the sad journey back to the airport. On the way to the airport though, we did see a McDonald's Delivery man (shame we don't get that in the UK). Arriving at the airport, a little early, we headed in as the sun was starting to set beyond the horizon. Now Paphos airport is very small and there are only three shops, two duty free shops and a newspaper shop, as well as a restaurant and a cafe. The main duty free sold beauty, booze, tobacco and chocolate, this is where I purchased my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and YSL lipstick, as well as two boxes of Daims. The wait for the flight was long and boring with nothing to do, but at 10:25 pm out gate was open but it wasn't until 10:50 pm that we left the airport to get to the plane. Considering the flight was supposed to leave at 10:55 pm so it was late, we didn't take off until about 11:20 pm. During the flight I purchased the Rodial Super Food Kit, to help sooth my sunburn (I actually love the kit now). When it came to land at Gatwick at 2:30 am, we were stuck on the plane for half an hour as the ground crew hadn't been told we would be landing 15 minutes earlier. Once we did get off the plane, we didn't go in the usual way so the toilets were miles away through security, not good for me I was busting. When we went to the baggage collection about 20 minutes later the tan-oi sounded with an apology for the delayed bags as they were only being taken off now, so about an hour after landing we finally got our bags and were heading back to the taxi. Arriving home at 4 am was strange trying to be quiet but having to make a drink and food before we went to bed. Sausage sarnies and a cup of tea yummy, the bed was very welcoming at 5 am.

This was my holiday trip to Cyprus, and I miss it still even now. This trip was a lot more relaxed than I usually do, and I feel I didn't get a lot done. But, all my other holidays should be a little more interesting, and I am already planning them now. Norway has come up for around the winter time but we will see. For any questions about the villa or any aspect of the trip just contact me and I'll be happy to help.

Stay tuned

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