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Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation Review

Wondering round the Boots in Bluewater, I was approached by a representative of Clinique, who was handing out free consultation and samples of foundation. I love a bargain and if you offer me something for free I'm going to nab it, so it was time to get to it.

Sitting at the counter I was asked about my skin type, what I prefer to use (ie/full coverage, tint, ect.) and how I prep my skin for makeup. For those who don't know I have very oily skin and like to have a more full coverage look. As for skin prep, I don't usually do much a bit of moisturizer and that's it. After looking at the little Clinique foundation booklet we agreed on the Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation (what a name). The trouble came when I had to be color matched, my skin tone is fair and more on the pale side. This skin tone can make it hard to find foundations as a lot of them turn orange or are too dark (especially if it is the lightest shade in the brand). The consultant chose three of the lightest colors, the lightest being Linen, which ended up being a better match to my skin than the other two. Agreeing with each other on the shade, she set me up with a 5 day sample pot. If you have ever been to a free consultation you will know what I mean, but  they try to up-sale/link-sale. This is where the offer something for free but try to get you to buy more products.

Getting home I was apprehensive to try the product as I wasn't sure it would last 5 days or even be any good for my skin. Yet the next day I took the courage and tried the product. Well for a first impression it was good. Easily blendable, and a small bit went a long way. As for full coverage, it definitely covered blemishes, however, as time went on the color oxidized and turned orange. Now the orange color wasn't too bad but I noticed it, but the product did last all day until it was cleaned off.

Using the product for the recommended 5 days, I still had product left, great as this means the foundation will last ages. The only downside was that the product was starting to get thicker, harder to blend and drier. This is either due to the poor packaging of the sample of an effect of the product. 

Over all this is a great foundation to use for those bad skin days and I would definitely consider buying the full bottle. As for the colors available I would have preferred a few more lighter shades as the lightest was still a little dark. It is also, a little on the high-end scale retailing at £22.50, but I would be willing to pay that for this amazing product.

(Picture From Boots.com)

Whats your favorite full coverage foundation?

Stay Tuned

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