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Bleach London Aqua Kit Review

I've been uming and aring of whether or not to try this product out as I wasn't 100% decided if this product will work for me or if the colors would suit me. At £5 for a large bottle I wasn't sure whether to go for it or not, but then I discovered they did mini bottles in a kit of 3 for only £7. This was my opportunity to try the product out without wasting loads of money on just one color. Now they had two kits, Aqua and Pink, I chose the Aqua as I have dyed my hair pink and purple before so I chose to use the blues and greens. As my ombre hair developed a green tinge to it I thought this would be a good color combo which wouldn't look too blocked.

Bleach London is a hair dye company best known for their Super Cool Non-Permanent hair dyes. These dyes are in large bottles and come in a variety of vibrant outrageous colors, such as oranges, blues, greens, pinks, ect. Being a non-permanent hair dye it will only last between 2-10 washes, however, it all depends on the color and intensity. The greens, blues and reds may leave a slight color in the hair as they are very adsorbing colors. The dyes work a lot better on light brown/blonde hair (I haven't tried it on dark hair but I wouldn't think it would show up as well or at all) they do sell a dip dye kit and bleaching kit, whether you want a dip dyed color or full head. With the color being non-permanent you can actually reuse the colors if you don't use it all up (there is no mixing, its all ready and good to go from the shop) this is great for those with short hair or only dip dying the hair. If you don't want to go straight on the dye you can now buy a hair crayon. These are crayon/pens, similar to hair chalk, that you can color strands of the hair to see the color or you can create fun looks that will only last until you wash your hair, great for festivals, parties and halloween.

In the Aqua kit I got three minis, Washed up Mermaid, Blullini and Sea Punk. I was so excited to use the Washed up Mermaid color and looked online at other people who had dyed their hair in that color. Some people the color was really bright and others not so. I then tried to find the other two colors and see what they looked like, to see if I could create fade effect, but they didn't looked like I could fade them down. So my color of choice was mainly Washed up Mermaid with a hint of Blullini. Washed up Mermaid was suposed to be a very turquoise color where as Blullini was supposed to be a light blue color. Together they should work well and create a mermaid effect,  the Sea Punk color is green and I wasn't feeling brave enough to go for the green (it would have made a real mermaid effect, but baby steps).

The instructions are easy to read and understand, which is a good thing as some hair dyes can take a little bit of reading to figure out what steps are when. I don't really use non-permanent hair dyes so it was a very different procedure, you need to apply this dye to shampooed, towel dried hair. This is odd for me a your hair is still on the damp side when you apply the product, but the product does have a nice smell to it compared to other dyes. Applying the product while I was in the shower, made the routine a lot quicker as while I was waiting for the develop time (15 minutes) I did my other skincare and wash routine. These bottles in these kits are minis, and I was expecting to use up all the product, but I have only used half of the Washed up Mermaid and a quarter of the Blullini. Which, in the end is a really good price for money, and the larger bottles would probably last me up to 6 months the amount I use. The product is really easy to rinse off and you don't need to shampoo or condition the hair afterwards, I think the product may have some conditioning qualities as my hair felt soft after rinsing it off.

As the hair was drying you can see the color in the hair, and does look more green in artificial light, but in flash and natural light the color is more blue/turquoise. I did find that the color was a little harder to distribute throughout my hair, but the color has made more of a highlight ombre effect. The color payoff was more than I expected it to be and does give me the Mermaid feel which I love. It's all about the Mermaid style at the moment, I want to be a mermaid.

This is the finished look, what do you guys think? Should I have it brighter and more?
Let me know if you've tried this product and what you think of it. Let me know what colors you think I should try.


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