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Benefit Push Up Liner Review

My Benefit Cosmetics collection has just had a new addition and its the They're Real Push Up Liner. An innovation to the industry of gel liners, and a new top hit for Benefit Cosmetics. Ever since I've tried the They're Real Mascara I have been in love, and with the idea a brand can produce something so long lasting and life changing. The mascara was a new comer to the mascara seen and changed the way we saw mascara, now with eye liner and makeup remover being as tough as nails, great things are starting to come out of the Benefit lab.

The liner is such a new design that thick, ugly eyeliner a thing of the past, with the new invention of the AccuFlex tip it helps get you as close to the lash line as possible. This is great for those of us who are a bit rusty on the liner front and for new beginners getting used to liner. The things it says on the box make it a miracle liner, saying 91% said long lasting, 81% said waterproof, 86% said lash hugging and 84% said eyes looked larger. So, picking this bad boy, I was looking forward to seeing these huge results and enjoying the benefits it gives.

To begin with, the packaging is very smart, with the box looking very similar to the They're Real Mascara. The actual product packaging is very sleek and stylish, with the same style shaping to that of the mascara. I did have a little trouble with the top not noticing it was a screw and pull not just pull (silly me). With a couple of twists to the bottom the product started to appear.

Application of the product to begin with was a little tricky as the flex tip is angled and has to be applied with the angle on the lid. It was a bit tricky as my wrist kept moving so the angle wasn't pointing in the right direction. I found that the product was much more easier to apply when it was warmer as it was more fluid like. When the product was colder, it came out much more stiffer and scrapes against the lid. The product is extremely black and dries really quickly. Once it is dry it does not budge or smudge, so don't use this liner if you want to smudge it out to create a smokey eye. If you put the liner on at the start of the day it will still be in place by the end, even if you have a night out, so try not to make any mistakes.

Though, with all the good things said, there is a couple of problems. As it is such a industrial liner and doesn't budge it means taking it off and correcting mistakes can be tough. The new They're Real Remover should be able to tackle this problem, but if you haven't got it, it will be harder. To remove it with out the remover, you need to apply a cotton pad with makeup remover on it and hold it on the eye for about a minute. Once the minute passed wipe away and the liner should be gone, but I haven't found a better way to remove little bits off. I also found that if you apply it onto eye shadow it does flack off a bit, so you have to go over it. This means it drys out a bit quicker and more product is used. 

Though, if it was a choice between this liner and any other, I would still choose this liner. It has been by far the easiest and long lasting liner I have ever used. It is so easy to create a winged liner look and effortless liner look. So , for the money it is a great investment so go out and grab yourself one and see what all the hype is about (They're Real Push Up Liner £18.50).

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