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What's In My Suitcase

Counting down the days till IMATS and Cyprus, I have taken some time and pack my suitcase. Having 23kg luggage allowance and not a clue on what to take I have packed more than enough clothes. My list of stuff is:
  • Dresses x 6
  • Kimonos/jumper x 3
  • Play-suits x 2
  • Skirts x 2
  • Shorts x 2
  • Tees x 11
  • Swimwear x 4
  • Tights x 5
  • Belts x 2
  • Bag
  • Flippers and flipper socks
  • Shoes x 4
  • Accessories
  • Skincare
  • Perfume
  • Straighteners
  • Toiletries
  • Makeup and Brushes
  • As well as all the electricals.
A lot of the clothes I have packed are things I got last year for California and didn't get to wear, with some extras that have been bought over the last couple of months.

Dresses are essential in hot climates and when you're already hot you don't really want to put clingy clothes on. I'm taking dresses from BooHoo, New Look, Primark, Asda and H&M, they range from Maxi dresses to flowy light dresses. I'm also taking 2 Play-suites from Primark and New Look, The New Look play-suit is more body hugging where as the Primark dungarees/play-suit is more free and flowy. And for those chilly nights I have 2 Kimonos and a short sleeve cardigan, kimonos are from Miss Selfridge and Primark and the cardigan from Asda. (For an in-depth look at these check out my Youtube vid under part 1)

For the non-dress days I have packed 2 skirts both from Primark, 1 black Midi skirt and a denim Skater skirt. 2 pairs of shorts from Primark and Asos, my Asos shorts are fairly high waisted and they are my Loves of my summer wardrobe. The Primark shorts are a light blue denim color and are fairly baggy and are higher waisted than hipsters. With bottoms you need a good variety of tops, and thats why I have packed 10 tees, ranging from crop tops to basic tees. My tee range from Forever 21, Primark and tees that I have updated. (For an in-depth look at these check out my YouTube vid under part 2)

Now for the fun part I have packed 4 different swimwear options and a load of extras. My swimwear is all from last year as I didn't get to go swimming when I went to California, apart from a new addition of an adorable Horse print Swimsuit. I love being in the water and seeing the fish so an essential for me are my flippers and a new buy of flipper socks to help them stay on my feet hehe. Accessories, come with me even if I don't wear them all its nice to have an option for evening meals out. My accessories bag consists of statement necklaces, stud earrings and some simple statement necklaces. I'm also taking about 4 pairs of shoes; Pool sandals, Day sandals, Smart flat sandals (granny sandals) and my New Look Flatforms so I can have some height but be comfortable.
(For an in-depth look at these products and a few more check out my YouTube vid under Part 3)

A must bring on holiday is a little make shift first aid bag, consisting of medication such as Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Imodium, and any medication that you need to take. You should also take some Piriton as this can help with bug bites, as well as taking a bug bite cream. Plasters and blister plasters are a must as you'll find that feet get sweaty and can rub especially if wearing rubber or plastic shoes/sandals.

Don't Forget your Passport, E111 Card (its free) and Travel Insurance! 
This way you are completely covered for illnesses abroad and you can actually leave the country when you get to the airport. So for those of you off on your holidays over the next few months enjoy yourselves and stay safe.


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