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What's in My Makeup Bag: Holiday Edition

Only 3 days left till I head off to sunny Cyprus for a week and I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into my makeup bag. Before I start, yes I have way over packed my makeup bag, but the reason is I like to have options in sheer or bold lip and sheer or full coverage face. I also have two bags 1 with my makeup and 1 with all my brushes I need to create my looks.
So lets begin!

My makeup bag is a Ted Baker wash bag but it is the only bag big enough for all my makeup hehe x
Primer; Three types of primers, Porefessional by Benefit Cosmetics, which is a great primer to help minimize the look of pores. Now I don't really think that it minimizes my pores as mine were quite large but I've started a new face routine and my pore are getting smaller. Loreal Paris Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer, which is amazing at giving that glowing skin and is not too watery and helps smooth out the skin. Finally, Benefit Cosmetics Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer, this product is a bit tricky to use but actually help makeup stay to the skin. It is quite wax like which is great for swimming makeup.

Concealer: Makeup Forever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Creme, it's waterproof so no running off in the water and its a great coverage for those problem blemishes. Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, cheap which is great, coverage is good and glides on to the skin which is great when it needs to blend out. Boi-ing by Benefit Cosmetics, thicker concealer which is great when my skin has a bad day and doesn't take to makeup. Finally, Revlon Photo Ready concealer stick, thick like the Boi-ing and blends out good, it also give a final flawless airbrushed look.

Foundation: Makeup Forever HD foundation, fab product which you can only get from IMATS, US, Sephora online and anywhere else I may have forgotten (Its harder to get in the UK). This product is light weight, professional finish and the coverage is light/medium which feels light. This light weight feel is important for hot sweaty days as feeling cakey can make you sweat even more. Max Factor CC creme (Available in UK) which is a Color Correction creme, this product has been the best CC creme in the drugstore makes my face one color and is so light weight and effortless. Maybelline Dream BB creme for Oily Skin, great for hot sweaty days as it limits oils and stays fairly matte. Even if you are dry/combination skinned it is best to go for a foundation/BB creme like this as it helps stay when sweating.

Powder: Rimmel Clear Complexion powder, so light weight and is supposed to help fight blemishes. Now I have been using this product for about a month now and I don't really see it fighting blemishes, but it is light n the skin not noticeable. It is also a mineral powder which stays on the skin a lot better in the water, if you choose to swim with a full face. Mac Blot powder, essential for just matteifiying any shiny zones on the face that may start to come through. Any blot powder will do, but the only one I have is the MAC one. Loreal BB powder, great for extra coverage, similar to MAC Studio Fix Powder. This product is for those hard to cover blemishes which just wont hide. 

Bronzer: Barry M Natural Bronzer, one of my most used bronzers and it hasn't hit pan yet. Similar packaging and style of Nars Laguna but a lot cheaper. The powder does look a little dark but it comes of fairly light on the skin, which is great if you are fair skinned but you can build it up for a stronger contour. Mac MSF Gold Deposit, wonderful bronzy golden shimmery color which I use as a blush and a blending color to blend out my contour. 

Highlight: only two for this section one powder and one liquid. MUA Undressed Highlighter, is cheap and a natural color with pink shimmer. The style is similar to the MAC Extra-dimensions line and is long lasting. Sun Beam by Benefit Cosmetics, bronzy highlighter which needs to be dabbed on to the skin and blended out. This is great for a beach look and is more dewy than a powder and doesn't look cakey.

Blush: Coralista by Benefit Cosmetics is a staple for my summer look, it is the perfect coral blush with the perfect amount of shimmer to it. It comes off a bit light so you can build it up, which I would suggest as having the color deep looks a bit strange if you are fair skinned. Sleek Life's a Peach blush, which is a bright matte orange blush, it is very pigmented to use sparingly  and lightly. It is a great blush to use to give off a bronze beach look as it doesn't look unnatural with a tan. Sleek Blush by 3 CalifornIA palette which is an all creme blush palette great for summer with an orange, coral and deeper coral/red blush. Just dab and blend out on to the cheeks, great for that dewy beach look.

Brows: Essential, if I only took one section of products it would be my brows as I cannot live without eye brows hehe. Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics, which is my holy grail of eyebrow products, it helps my eyebrows stay the whole day even when you go swimming there is no running or loss of eyebrow. Sleek brow pencil, basic retractable waxy pencil great color for me and has a spooly at the end to brush the brow hairs in place. Soap and Glory Archery brow tint and pencil, I mainly use the brow tint as this will stay for a couple of days not just in the water. This product can look a bit plastered on if you keep building it up but I brush through Gimme Brow and it doesn't look so bad. Browzings by Benefit cosmetics, again the wax is best for the water and helps the hairs stay in place it can also look a lot more natural. Mac power point pencil in Duck, which is a duel product being a more natural eyeliner and a eyebrow pencil and it is long lasting.

Eye shadow:  I'm just taking Barry M single shadow in Tan and Peek a Bright Eye by Benefit Cosmetics. Barry M Tan is a darker less shimmery version of Stila Kitten shadow. As my Stila shadow is weak and slightly broken I don't think it will make the journey so I have found a good second with the Barry M shadow. Peek a Bright Eye is a small eye shadow palette with three eye shadows, white/cream, dark brown and shimmery pink. It also comes with Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright but i don't use this as its very stiff and hard to blend out in the corner of my eyes.

Eye Lid Primer: Bikini-tini Crease-less Cream Shadow by Benefit Cosmetics, a light champagne color and is great as a base to apply shadows. I don't think it is crease-less as I find it still creases on my without powder shadow. Stay Don't Stray by Benefit Cosmetics, is a stronger eye lip primer which is a natural skin color.

Eye Liner: Collection Extreme felt tip liner in black, has been my go to eyeliner when doing my makeup so it's being packed up. MUA pencil liner in Snow White to line my waterline if I want a more open doll like eye. This pencil is only £1 from Superdrug and comes with its own sharpener. Maybelline Master Drama Kohl pencil in Black, great for lining my tight line (upper waterline) great when making a more night look. This product is much creamier so I wouldn't suggest wearing it in the water. Sleek Eu La La Liner in Pumpkin which is a bright orange color, this product is duel purpose as can be used as a lip liner or an eyeliner but for my holiday I'm using it as a pop of color on the eye. This product from Sleek is great as it is waterproof and doesn't come off easily just like the new Benefit Cosmetics Push-up Liner. Bourjois Metallic pencil liner, great for a pop of color on or under the eyes being a turquoise color. This product is great for the pool as it is waterproof so you can let your inner mermaid out.

Lip Liner: Sleek Eu La La Liner in Dragon Fruit again the same as Pumpkin waterproof and long lasting, thins color is a pink/red color with will look great with a bold coral lip. Model Co. nude lip liner is a universal nude great for all skin tones and comes with a sharpener, all ways grab this liner if I want a more defined lip.

Lip Crayon: Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist is a perfect creamy nude/pink shade. This product does boost lips up with a tingling sensation if used on bare lips, however, it doesn't last long and I don't see much plumping to my lips. Barry M Gelly High Shine in 4 (I believe it is called Siren), this is a great color for my skin tone and the product is so hydrating and long lasting. The smell reminds me of Skittles which makes it hard not to try and taste the product, it can be put on bold or dabbed out to make it more natural.

Lip Balm: If ever you go to a hot country or its hot at home always use a lip balm, especially ones that contain SPF in them as this can help protect your lips from cracking, drying out and getting sun damage. Barry M Cor Blimey Lip Balm in Rose Lea is great, doesn't have SPF but it is very hydrating and has a hydrating center as well as a bit of color to add to your lips. Burt's Bees hydrating refreshing lip balm is great for evenings as it will help put more moisture back into the lips when the sun has set. This product is amazing, tastes and smells like passion fruit which makes me feel like its helping my lips. Carmex Mint Lip Balm has SPF 10 in it which will help protect my lips from the sun, so it will be a most used product on holiday. Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue (not available in the UK), this is supposed to be a medicated lip balm but I think it is more menthol (vix) style than actual medicine. This product was a life saver in the cold windy San Francisco and I will be using it again on this holiday to save my lips from wind burn. This product is in Too Cool which is a clear color but they do come in more colors.

Lip Stick: Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart is a great summer color it is fairly sheer so it is quite subtle and natural. It is so creamy and a great for days and nights. MAC Pink Pearl Pop is a creme sheen lip stick and is very creamy and looks a lot brighter than it goes on as it is a sheer color. This is great for a more floral look and a more sweet day look. Maybelline Color Sensational Shocking Coral, bight coral color great for a bold summer lip and make a more night look. This color can be dabbed down to make it a more lighter color but it is still very opaque.

Lip Gloss: Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea, love love love this product great on its own very hydrating and opaque so no need for lip stick. The only down side to this product is that the color can collect where the lips meet, so blot blot blot before you leave. Barry M Loud Mouth in Screamer, coral color and very opaque, similar to the OCC Lip Tars, so a little goes a long way but you need to exfoliate the lips before using as this will cling the skin flakes. Benefit Cosmetics California Kissin' and Dandelion, these lip glosses are great, California Kissin' is a clear gloss with blue glitter, designed to brighten your smile and freshen your breath as the gloss is minty. Dandelion is a sweet nude pink color, similar to the blush, it has a fruit smell and is creamy on the lips, but use too much and it will be tacky.

Mascara: They're Real Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics, I love long lashes, I'm known for long lashes so this is a given and it is great at staying on the lashes. I have used this product and gone swimming and it doesn't come off in the water easily. Tip, don't put mascara on the bottom lashes if you go swimming as it has a tendency to rub off. MAC Extra-dimensions mascara, again gives me lovely long lashes and holds a curl well. So my eyes are big open and something that a mermaid would want.

Brushes wise I am taking a few that I use everyday. Primark Stippling brush, Real Techniques Powder brush, Real Techniques Expert Face brush, Real Techniques Complexion Sponge, Makeup Forever Kabuki brush, Contour brush, Louise Young Large Fan brush, Models Own Brow brush, Real Techniques Stippling brush, Long Stippling brush, Models Own Powder brush, Real Techniques Concealer (Deluxe Crease brush) brush, Real Techniques Setting brush, Flat Powder brush, 2 x Crease brushes, Flat Eye Shadow brush, Tweezers, Primark Eyelash Curlers.

Don't forget the MAC Fix+ to set the makeup and a compact mirror to keep your face in check.

Have fun on your holidays and Ill see you soon

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