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Tanya Burr Product Review

When Tanya Burr's Lip-glosses and Nail polishes arrived in Superdrug, I almost jumped with excitement. Not wanting to buy all the colors I decided to pick up two lip-glosses, in Afternoon Tea and First Date, and a nail polish in Bright and Early. Firstly, these colors are just gorgeous and I love the color of the nail polish, its such a summer color for me. Now that I have tried these products I want more, but every time I go in to Superdrug they are out of stock, booo!!
But let me tell you why you need these products; the glosses are amazing, very opaque in color and the color pay off is great. It long lasting but does need topping up after food and drink. The lip-gloss has a watermelon scent to it, and the application is very smooth and not sticky at all. I found when I used it, it was very hydrating and kept my lips hydrated throughout and even thought my lips felt softer after using it. the only downside to this product, and I'm not sure if it is just me, it creates a white ring in the inside of my lips. Now I have blotted and taken excess gloss off my lips and it still creates the white ring. with this being the only problem, it is a problem I can put up with.
The nail polish is the same, very opaque in color and the drying time is not too long.  The color lasts long about week and a half (for me) and usually use 2 coats of color and then my nails are done. There are a variety of colors which are fun and very seasonal, as the drying time is not too quick the application of the product is very smooth and easy to apply. The only down side to this product is that it seems to bubble up if you add another varnish on top. I'm not sure if this is just the product I am using on top or whether I am applying it wrong. But I have done this with other polishes and the polish has never bubbled up before. Considering this is the only problem with the product and the bubbles are not very big I can deal with this problem and this problem doesn't occur with just use of this product.
Both products were purchased in Superdrug but you can buy them online form Feelunique.com 
£6.99 for the Lip Gloss
£5.99 for the Nail Polish

So go out and grab one before they sell out again

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