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June Favorites

June is almost over which means another Monthly Favorite, and  I have been loving a bunch of beauty and random things.

Wanting a more no makeup makeup look for interviews I have been picking up Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation. Its a nice light foundation with medium coverage but it does come off quite watery so I generally put my concealer on before my foundation. To apply this foundation I have been loving Primark's Stippling Brush. The brush is small and is easy to use, when I first used the brush I did find that there were a few brush hairs that came out. But, now that I've broken it in, it doesn't loose hairs. At only £1.50 I will be buying some more but at the moment they have become out of stock in my local Primark.

I have been all over my Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. As they have been able to tame my eyebrow line and cover blemishes and my dark circles and last all day. Even when my foundation starts to come off my concealer stills stays in place. 

To set my face I have been reaching out for the Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder, as it is a more light powder and is supposed to help clear up the face, not that I have noticed much of a difference. But at only £3.99 you can't go wrong. And to bring color back into my cheeks I have been grabbing my Benefit Cosmetics Coralista. This blush is amazing it is the right shade of coral with that little bit of shimmer, just makes the whole look more summery and fun. 

To finish up my day to day look I have been loving Barry M's new cosmetics, in particular, the new Gelly Hi Shine lip crayon in shade 4. This lip crayon is sooo nice, smells fruity and lasts a long time and keeps a good shine on the lips. the color really suits me and can be a strong color or if dabbed down can be a more natural color. For only £3.99 you can't go wrong I just wish there were a few more shades as the other shades on offer don't suit me at all.

Now for a few random favorites, firstly I have been crazy about the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. I have watched all of season 1 and started watching season 2 and I'm obsessed. If you like a good comedy drama you'll love this, its all about a woman who gets sent to a woman's prison and has to learn how to survive in there. Every episode you find out more about different people in the prison and some stories are sadder than others. Its so different to what shows are on at the moment and so one of a kind it makes it that more enjoyable. The full  season 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.

Another program that I am loving is Hannibal season 2, I have got Hannibal season 1 on Blu-ray and love the program any way. But, recently the second season has just got better and better, and I am finding myself sitting on the edge of my seat  every episode. Hannibal is a program that is based on the life of Hannibal Lecter before The Silence of the Lambs. It is filled with gruesome deaths and twists and turns through out. Season 1 was where we found out how far Hannibal would go, and Season 2 you find yourself shouting at the TV that its all Hannibal. It is so good, if you have Sky on demand you will be able to watch the episodes, you might be able to find it on Netflix but I'm not sure. Hannibal is on Sky Living at 10 pm on Tuesdays.

I have also been enjoying The Simpsons Taped Out and Family Guy The Quest for Stuff  on Android/Google Play. Both games are free and require internet to play, you basically have to rebuild Springfield and Quahog and unlock all the characters in the game. These games are really fun and at the moment The Simpsons have the Stonecutters and you have to answer question to unlock things which tests your Simpsons knowledge. There was an error last year with the Simpsons game and some people had lost their logins and lost all their hard work, that happened to me but I decided to download the game again and hope it won't do the same. In the Family Guy version there is a strange booze pyramid and you can unlock Cleveland to go with your family guy characters.

These have been my June Favorites, what are yours??


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