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Job searching is just as important as having a Good CV and usually should be pursued once you have at least a basic good CV. Knowing where to look and where to go is key to do a successful job search (and heads up I've heard on the grape vine that soon Job Seekers will be asked to do a 35 hour job search a week! Now that's a lot of searching)

Now it seems a strange start, but I suggest a look on National Careers Service . This website will help you find out what you need for what job you want to pursue, whether it be a career in mechanic to a career in child care. All you need to do is type in the job you are thinking about into the search bar and click on the links. on the page you can scroll down and see all the skills, attributes and qualifications you need for that job. As well as giving you information into that job role it will also give you a list of related jobs to that role. This means if you want to work as a vet but don't have the qualifications it will also come up with animal carer and things like that. This website is great as well to help produce a tailored CV to the job role you are applying for. 

Once you have made a decisions or list of what kind of jobs you want to purse and have made a tailored CV for those jobs (you can't have the same CV for a vet and mechanic)  you can start your search. Now if your on Job Seekers you will be asked to use their website Universal Job Match, This website is testing at times and if you are unfortunate to be made to use this website you will encounter problems. Problems with the website;
  1. It will log you out after a certain time, so be sure to keep checking you are still logged in as it will not save your searches will your logged out.
  2. If you put in your recommended jobs you will find that jobs not associated with them will show up (ie/search animal work and MOT tester comes up)
  3. When you do apply for a job through the website it will take you to another website and will not save whether you applied for the job or not. 
Now we covered the problems with the site, it is still a good search engine and can help through the mish mash of jobs on other websites (it is run by Monster). Visiting websites such as Reed, Indeed, Total jobs, Job is job, ect. can be very helpful through they are a bit mish mashed of jobs with links to other websites. All of these websites are set out with a job search bar and a location search bar so that you can find a certain job near you, however, Total jobs website cannot seem to handle both pieces of information and seem to either find all jobs near the location of the specific job all over the country and some over the world. These sites can be a little confusing but I would suggest looking at the age of the advert, as some jobs have already been taken but the advert is still up. So it is probably best to look and apply to jobs with an advert date less then 30+ days. 

As well as these sites, look into specific sites such as Primark, House of Fraser, Boots, ect. as these will give you a fast, straight answer. However, some places if you have not got the job they will not let you apply again for between 6-12 months. These specific sites can also be the only place to find jobs in these industries, as some companies don't advertise on job search websites. If you are on Job Seekers, these sites will also count towards your "other" website job search. As well as specific sites, you can also search agencies as these can be a good place to start. Agencies can be specific and help find you a job closer to you such as mechanic jobs. Agencies within these types of sectors get paid to find you a permanent job so its usually a short wait till you get an interview or a job.  

There are also learning shops within shopping centers /malls such as Bluewater and Lakeside. If you are on Job Seekers and you are near these kind of shopping malls you can ask to be put onto a case load to hear about jobs within these malls. This is a good way of finding jobs and securing interviews, as they will send you updates on job vacancies and they tell you what shop the vacancies are for before you apply. The application process usually takes about 10-20 minutes and usually asks questions like what skills can you bring to the role and why you chose to work their. As well as sending you the vacancies they will also give you guaranteed interviews which you can choose to attend, though they will give you all the areas you need to look into for better probability of getting the job.

It is not used much now, but handing out your CV or phoning a company up to find out job vacancies is still a good job search. It also comes under "other contact routes" for job seekers. Now some places will take in your CV and others just say do it online, however, I suggest to do both. If you apply online and print off that you have applied online and have a copy of your CV, go find the manager of that company and just say that you have applied online but you would like to meet them in person and hand deliver your CV. This shows that you have used some initiative and that your determined to get the job. It is also best to direct your application towards the manager as some employees may be after that job or know someone who is, and want to get rid of the competition. Phoning a company is also a suggestion, as you can direct your questions to the manager and you can communicate on a personal level if seeing them all the time can be difficult. Gaining this relationship can mean that the manager will keep you in mind if a job opportunity comes up. However, do not pester the company as this can get on their nerves and they can have you band from a shop or block your number. I have heard stories of people pestering employers so often that they were band from the store. 

Friends and family can also be a useful way of finding jobs, if they work and know of a job going within the company they can suggest it to you. Usually jobs in a company are heard from the employees first so they will know before the advert comes out. Also some companies will pay their employees a small bonus if they can get a friend or family member work within the company. This is an incentive for employees to get new staff. If you don't know whether or not the company does, ask them and they will let you know, you could even check the internet terms and conditions of the company. Usually this is done as a stage process, receiving some money to get the new member in and more when they have stayed within the company for 3 months.

With all this information you should be able to complete your job search for Job Seekers and the new to be 35 hour a week job search. If you are just not sure where to look this should help you and give you a bit more of an edge on the competition. We all know that its a dog eat dog world out there in the line of job searching, so more you know and the more your prepared the bigger the dog you'll be. Remember, once your in a job it means more of the jobs you want will open up. 

You Work to Live Not Live to Work!


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