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Job Blog: Tips and Tricks Interview Preparation

After your successful job search and successful CV, you should be having job interviews hitting you left, right and center. This is great, but it is not always just about turning up and answering questions you should prepare.

Preparation starts the moment you receive a job interview, it will tell you what company it is from and whether it is a 1 to 1, panel or group interview, it may also tell you what the dress code is whether smart, casual or smart casual.

There are several types of interviews three of the common types are 1 to 1, panel and group interviews. A 1 to 1 interview is a basic interview between you and a member of the company interviewing you. This type of interview is the easiest and less daunting of the three. This type of interview will have questions about you, the company and why you want to work for the company. Panel interviews are where you will be interviewed by more than one person, this I personally find the hardest of the three. You need to remember to address the entire panel even if one person asks you a question, it can be hard as it can feel like you are being interrogated. The third type of interview is a group interview, this is all based on your personality and how you deal with situations. A group interview usually consists of 4 or more people being interviewed at the same time, the groups can be as big as 40 people so it is key to stand out. Group interviews usually consist of rounds and at the end of each round people will be asked to leave who have not been successful. They usually start with basic exercises known as ice breakers, these are strange questions which need a good explanation. The answers are the key for these questions as they show your personality and whether your ideal for the job. Some questions that can be asked are; What fruit would you be and why? What animal would you be and why? Who is your role model and why? After these ice breakers, they may ask you to do some team exercises, in some shops they get you to put an outfit together and sell it. These types of tasks require confidence, knowledge and  customer service skills, as its a role play of you being on the shop floor. After this round they may ask you questions about the company, it is important you do your research and try to find the unique facts about the company as this will show you are interested in the company and will also show that you have prepared.

Knowing what company the interview is for is highly important especially if you have applied for many job. It also helps when you go to research the company, but remember Don't use Wikipedia to research a company or an independent Blog as the information will not be accurate and can be biased. A good place to look is on the actual company website and if they are an international company look at both the UK and US websites as you can find more information. Knowing what company the interview is for can tell you where the interview is, knowing where your going is an essential. Don't be late as this can look bad to the employer, if you have to get public transport get an earlier bus or train. Its better to be 2 hours early than 5 minutes late, if you have to wait then wait but getting there early may get you an earlier interview.

Dress code is always important and always check if the interview requires you to wear smart dress, if the interview does not state the dress code think about the company. If the company if smart high-end then dress smart if its a garage the go more casual, but whatever the dress code make sure you feel comfortable as being uncomfortable can make you feel even more nervous. If you don't have any smart clothing, you can't afford it and you are on Job Seekers you can ask them for help. the Job Center are usually helpful with this and depending on their contract depends on where they send you to get the clothes from. My Job Center will send the women to Dorothy Perkins and the men to Burtons, but keep the budget fairly cheap but make sure it doesn't look cheap. If you have or get the clothes make sure they are ironed and shoes are polished, this will make you look neat and more professional. It also shows you have pride in your appearance and will give off a good first impression.

With this information you should be fully prepared and ready to take on any job interview coming your way.


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