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So its Monday 24th march and its the start of my third full week at the job center and the start of some more stresses and annoyances.
My last job blog mentioned a course that was supposed to be meeting potential employers for potential jobs but it was actually a course on how to go about finding a job. I also mentioned that I was put onto another course to work on transferable skills to create transferable CVs.
Well I arrived and was then told that it was not all to do with CVs, but in fact it was about why its hard to find a job, where to look for jobs, CVs, cover letters and interview skills. Most of the morning (10 am -1pm) was all about why there is no jobs available and that you have to spend money to get a job and make money and that life sucks so deal with it. That's all very well but most of that I know and if you didn't you can gather life sucks lol. We also discussed where to find jobs, but once again its pretty self explanatory,  and most people know this stuff. So why this took soo long I don't know but apparently we clearly didn't understand that life sucks and jobs are hard to come by. In the afternoon we discussed CVs but not about how to make different ones but how to make our own specific ones. All very good but I have been on too many courses to make my own CV, I wanted to know more about alternative CVs. As well as this top tip: the job center don't give you correct information on your CV so unless you CV is terrible the silly small changes they talk about ignore as its wrong.
After CVs we discussed cover letters which is great to project your likes towards the company you are applying for and gives you a way of showing what you have to help the company before they read the CV. Interview skills talked about were very basic ie, hand shake, eye contact, questions and preparing yourself.

Now that course I did get a bit more information on CV writing for graduates but not much more on anything else. So not happy, and with blisters not fun at all. The next day I had a job center meeting supposedly to discuss the course. Well I knew my adviser was on holiday, but when I arrived I found out that she shouldn't have booked me in as I was the only person from her list that was given a meeting that day so I had to see someone else quickly. And this is where the problems have began again. I was asked if I wanted to do work experience in retail, great sure bit of experience good for my CV. So I accepted, voluntary 8 weeks work experience, 30 hours a week??
Yep that was the first sign I should have seen first but it took me a while to realize,  but to stay on benefits you can only do 16hrs a week so I should have noticed that one. So my bad for that but I wasn't thinking very well. But none the less work experience Monday.
Now today is Monday and I arrived for work experience at 10am as requested, smartly dressed with shoes once again as requested. I made sure I was prepared, made lunch and took a book ready for a full days work. But, when I arrived I was taken into the staff room where they were told by the job center that Friday I was there for an interview. They went off to grab some paper work and proceeded to go through a full proper job interview for a trial for 8 weeks with a job at the end. Firstly, I was not prepared for anything, two I was not appropriately dressed for the job and I never wanted a job in retail. Now to be told one thing and it turns out to be another is ok but not when it impacts my future life and me not being able to control it I'm not ok with.
So if you get offered 8 weeks work experience be ready for a job interview and potential job. So unless its a job you want, then just say no as it is not worth the stress and anxiety.
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