Job Blog 2

Today is the start of my third week going through the process of the job seekers. Last time I metioned about recrutment "speed dating", what I told you was exactly what I was told by my adviser. The day came, I printed 5 CVs off and dressed smartly ready for a potential job interview. But no! If you are told this you do not have to be smartly dressed no need to have multiple CVs just one will do and there are NO jobs avalible.
What it consists of are group sessions to learn what opportunities are avalible to help you find a job. Now this is all well and good, however they do not cater for people with degrees or who have had a job before. Unfortunately for people aged between 16-25 are put into a box of abilities, experience and skills. They steriotype us as being the same but we are not. If you have a degree, courses, apprentiships and traineeships are not possible to go on as you are too qualified. If you have been on an apprenticeship you cannot go and do another on or a traineeship. There are some good things to learn such as the social media, transferable CVs and interview skills. Though, the interview skills are only helpful if you have never been given a job or had an interview. When asked if I had an interview, I replied yes and I got the job. To that her reply was, why are you here then. Well maybe its because I left my job or made redundent, this does not come into thought during these sessions. Unfortunatly as it was a compulsory thing, so had to just sit there and listen.
The day after I had another meeting with my adviser, or coach as they are now known as, and discussed how my search was going and how my CV was going and what else I need to tweek to it. She then asked me about applying for jobs, that I've not thought of. But as my CV was hard to change she booked me on a day course to learn how to create CVs for all types of jobs. So I will see how that goes, but I have been told I will be seeing another adviser for a month, so im hoping they are as nice as my actual one.
Stay tuned for my job blog and how the CV course goes x

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