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I left my job in January and have not really been fussed about finding a job, as I've been enjoying my time off. But now it is March Ive decided to make more of an effort to find one. Now a lot of people don't want to take benefits but it is a good way to get some money coming in while you find a job.
So Ive enrolled in the benefit system and have decided to take you along my journey to finding a job and what to expect if you're going to go for benefits.
I applied online and waited for a meeting to offically "sign on" you then have to wait about a week to find out if you'llbe paied and how much. My meeting went straight forward, discussed my details and job experience and sigmed a few bits off. Straight forward really, then it ended with the next meeting being set up, mine was 2 days later. They also signed me up to do a "speed dating" recruitment, im not sure yet what this entails yet (will let you know). All I've been told is to bring plenty of CVs and to dress smart as if attending a job interview. So not much then lol x
At my second meeting, it was time to sort out my contract, so what that entails is you decided what jobs your looking for, how your going to look for these jobs and how offten you are going to look for these jobs. This has changed for before as it used to be that you were told what to do and how offten to do it, now you take control. You also don't have the silly book that had to be filled in whenever you looked for a job, as they relised that its easier to fake jobs. Now it is all online, you have to log onto universal jobsmatch, this saves searches and records jobs you've viewed, applied and rejected. This can also be viewed by your adviser or guide, though it doesn't actually say what job you looked at.
Once everything is agreed and signed you get a booklet which you have to fill out for the week just to say what you will do that week, like goals. You fill it in what you did to achieve those goals. My adviser told me that some people take things too over the top and put down their day to day lives on there, which is not needed. So they told me to just put an overview of what I did in the week or two weeks before the next meeting. Once all is explained you are booked in for your next appointment.
How tehy pay the money is still the same, it goes into your account and they do not pay for the first 3 days of the application. Though, you need to wait about a week to get the offical say whether or not you will be paied. If you imput you mobile number you will recieve a text to say it will be processed on someodd date.
Stay tuned for more job blog 

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