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1 Year On

"How long have you been doing your blog?"....
Oh My Days!! I can not believe it has been a year already and so much has happened. I'd just like to thank everyone who has give the time to read some of my blog posts and checking out my social media. 

On the 14th June a day after I started my blog my boyfriend of almost 4 years proposed to me on the London Eye. It was an amazing day and we are still as much in love as we were back then, just with a ring on my finger. Wedding planning is slow but we'll get there in the end and I will take you guys on for the ride. 

Now this was a start of my first makeup/beauty reviews. Looking back it looks like I started with products I didn't like, but it was also the start of my Shopping hauls. Which back then, where massive and largely Benefit cosmetics and gradually MAC cosmetics. 

Now I wasn't a very frequent blogger at first so the blogs are few and far between, so I didn't always post things such as holidays and other hauls. But in July/August 2013 I went up to Blackpool for a weeks holiday with my fiancee, aunt and dad. This was the first time I have ever been to Blackpool and was the first time in a while that I've been on a holiday with my aunt. We had a great time and got to spend a day in the Water World Splash Dome thing near the Pleasure Beach, which was great and outta the rain. We even spend the warmest day in the Pleasure Beach, screaming my head off on the rides. 

Then at the end of October I traveled to California for two weeks, staying in LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco. I had an amazing time and didn't stop once, everyday we were doing something, whether it was a theme park, shopping or going sight seeing. Coming back I started a bit of a travelling blog series, writing up everything that I did on my holiday back in November. At this time I decided to start a little diary blog series to coincide with my travel blog, unsurprisingly it was a Bad Day post, where I managed to get deodorant in my eye hehe.

December came along and the Christmas spirit spread through me and I did a little suggested buy for Christmas gifts (Thinking I should do more). Once the Christmas atmosphere past I did more individual reviews, more positive this time and a lot of them where of my Christmas presents. I also started my Travel Editions of things such as brushes, and set my self the challenge to do both an Instagrame a day and and Instagram monthly photo challenge. During January I had a difficult time and left my job, it was a hard decisions, but I had a very bad case of Anxiety and panic attacks that I couldn't cope any more. 

But out of the fire comes light and I started to relax and review my Instagram challenges and become part of the Liebster award. This was great fun to do and be a part of and made me soo happy that I was being noticed for my blog and Instagram.  From this point on I started to take more notice to my Blog and tried to upload more posts. This is where my Hair tutorials and Brush cleaning reviews came into play, and I got more confident and used to doing experimental hair styles.

In March this year I signed on as I had trouble finding a job. Seen as I was going through this process and a lot of people do go through this process I started to Blog about my journey through it. The birth of Job Blog, and the start of my Job series, which has developed and helped so many who have read it. With a Blog series comes ideas to write more, therefore, the Health Blog was born. Starting a bit of a random health problem and developing to me being able to open up about my Anxiety to my friends and family.

Last month I became completely committed to both my Blog and You tube channel. I've been on You Tube since 2012 but I've only uploaded now and again and I didn't know how to edit. But now I am developing my editing skills and uploading more. Now its June, I have stepped up my Job Blog series and created the Tips and Tricks for job prep. I'm developing my Blog (still in progress), added more Social Media and started up the Monthly Favorites. 

Looking back at how far my blog and me have come I see good things coming in the future...
Maybe a job?? IMATS blog, more Travel blogs, my 22nd Birthday (20th june) and my  Dads 50th. Wedding prep blogs, more Job blogs, meeting new people, more Vlogs and more blog series.

Lets just keep it going getting Better and Bigger!
Love to all my readers and viewers x

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