Review:BarryM Aquarium Nail polish

Wow! this is my reaction to the BarryM Aquarium nail polish. I love mermaids and these nail polishes just make me feel like I belong in the sea. There are only two other nail polishes that make me feel this way, Sally Hansen Mermaid Tail and Models Own Indian Ocean. Now I have some new favourites to job my mermaid collection.
There are four polishes and two toppers in this collection. Two pink polishes Caspian and Mediterranean and two bluey colours Pacific and Arabian, the two toppers are a blue flake Mermaid and a gold flake Tresure Chest. Caspian is a very pale pink colour with a pale gold tinge when in certain lights. Mediterranean is a hot pink colour with a yellow gold tinge in light (Favourite). Pacific is a dark blue with a turquoise tinge in light and Arabian is a greeny turquoise colour with a blue tinge in different lights.
These colours are very pigmented but I do like to put a base down such as Butter London Snog and Tanya Burr Bright and Easy. They are so girly and unique that I have not seen anything like them before. They are magical and make me feel young, back to the times of Disney :)
The price is great £3.99 each or in Superdrug its 3 for 2 so you can't pass this polish up.
Tell me which ones your favourite

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