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Easter Break

What I got upto on my easter break!
Well its been a fun packed week and a bit allstarting on the 17th april. Russell Howards Wonderbox tour at the Royal Albert Hall. Got up there without a hitch and arfived a bit too early, 3 hours early, so we had a drink before hand at the Albert Hall before going to hunt down a resturant for dinner.
Resturant of choice, Hyde Perk Bistro. Now we should have known something was wrong when we were taken upstairs to a table next to open toilets. But we give it a try, we ordered drinks (5 cokes and a water) up they come and the waitress dropped one of the coke cans. So one member of the party said she'd have that one, which the waitress started to point the can at the party member, who said don't point it at me. Waitress answered but ignored and opened the can covering the party memberin coke. Just terrible, and the prices were on the cans (65p), we ordered out food; 3 burgers, beef biginion, chicken with leek and potatoe and a dinner special of meat balls. Well dinner menu started 30 minutes before we arrived there was no one eating when we arrived, so it was a shock when the waitress came back to say no meat ball so a burger was ordered instead. But, when the burgers were ordered we were asked how the burgers should be cooked, raw, medium or well done, so this indecates steak burger. This looks promising steak burger for £16 very good. Well chicken and beef turned upnot boiling hot a little steaming and warm, so I had doubts. My chicken had no leaks and the potatoe didnot look like potatoe or taste like it, and the beef was missing mash potatoe but had some lumppy things in it. Then the burgers arrived, with one member of the party taking a bite and sayin NOOO! Running to the loo. All the burgers were minced and raw, bloody raw. To where my chicken was in question, cutting open the lagest thickest bit finding it was raw. How disgusting,  the answer from waitress the cook is new. So we had to make a run for it to Mcdonalds for food before Russell.
Russell Howard however, was amazing, soo funny. We were high up but still could see him jumping around, I laughed so much my throat hurt after we left.

Friday we went to Horton Golf Club's 18 hole Adventure Golf near Chessington. It was soo much fun, I didn't think it would be this good, I was in the winning till I messed up on two holes near the end and had to admit defeat by my fiancee. Afterwards, my fiancee treated me to a carnivorous plant for getting into university,  called Betsy.
Saturday we visited the British Wildlife Centre near Godstone. Was an alright day but it was a bit chilly in the wind and it was hard to see some of the animals. But I did get to see badges, polecats and herons in nests (blonde moment did not know herons nest in trees lol).
Sunday was a get together day with my partners family. Monday and tuesday were just lazy days bit of food shopping but nothing special. Wednesday we were entertained by superheroes, particually Captain America. Comfy in our premier seats with Ben and Jerry's icecream milkshake yummy. What a great film, loved the extra bit at the end sneek peek of Avenger 2 x
Thursday Colchester Zoo yayy. Had an amazing time saw soo many animals and spent the whole day there. It is a bit hilly a lot of ups and downs but its worth it. If you go and want to be apart of the giraffe and elephant feed, I'd suggest t go to the last ones as less people and you get the chance to feed them more than once. This year their new attraction are sun bears, but my favourite parts were the wolves anc penguins, just love them. I would suggest getting their around opening time as it takes a lot longer to go around than 3 hours as you ca  go around several times and still find extra enclosures you missed and some animals come out later on during the day.
The rest of the week was just a bit more lazing around not doing much. But I have booked my IMATS London 2014 tickets for the 28th as I fly to Cyprus on the 29th, particularly planned that way hehe.
Hope to see you all at IMATS and stay tuned for more 

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