Trevor Sorbie Straight Review x

On Friday I was travelling to my fiancee, when I relised I didn't have any shampoo or conditioner. So a quick trip to Boots and hald an hour later I left with Trevor Sorbie Salon Approved Straight Shampoo, Conditioner and Smoothing Balm. I was never going to buy the Smoothing Balm but as in Boots they had a 3 for 2 offer so I bought it.
This range is designed for hair that is going through the straightening process, so being styled with straighteners. It helps keep the hair straight for longer and with some extra protection from hair drying out or becoming frizzy.
Well I tried it out and I must say my hair has staied pretty straight, now with 3 day hair. There are a few kinks from sleeping but still pretty straight, it was also left with a strong smell of the range. Which at first I didn't like as it was a little bit like collone (¿?) mixed with beeswax, but once I got used to the smell it was really nice. Plus, which Im not used to, was my hair kept the smell for about 2 days which is really nice as it makes you feel more cleaner.
The shampoo lathers really well with I like especially as I use it more on my scalp and top of my head, which can appear greasy (ewwww). The conditioner I use mainly on the length of my hair as that is where it becomes more dry. The conditioner, helped nourish my hair and both product wash out very well, leaving my hair feel smooth and hydrated. Definantly a feel of being in a salon.
As for the smoothing balm it was very light and creamy, it does come out in a gel. The only downside I found, and im not sure if this isva problem with all smoothing balms or just mine, but the pump doesn't work properly when you push it down. But the product melts into the hair, and while blowdrying it doesn't become hard or crunchy but very smooth, glosdy and effortless.  Also when I used the smoothing balm I found that my hair became straighter, whereas it usually puffs out and becomes a bit of an afro, which is not the look I go for lol.
Price wise it costs similar to Lee Stafford, Toni&Guy and Umberto Giannini, which is more pricey that a lit of other shampoos. However, the quality is defiantly worth the price. My hair is very temperamental, which means I have to change up my shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis as my hair and scalp becomes dependent on the products. So I have used a lot of shampoo and conditioner ranging from different prices and this by far has been my favourite for a salon style. However, I do not think i will use these product on a daily basis as I don't always want a straight style and the smell can be a little over whelming.  Plus it nice now and again to have salon healthy hair, if yoy have it all the time you can't have that salon fresh feeling lol. So thumbs up for these products x
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