Primark Nail Polish Review☆

A few months ago Primark came out with their own beauty range called PSLove, I haven't used any of their beauty products as they never have any that have been untouched when I go in there but I have used three of their nail polishes.
Now I like a nice glossy colour, smooth application, opaque color, long lasting and a good drying time. Now there isn't actually many nail polishes that I have tried that live up to my expectations, that are a decent price. Not sure what colour to try in the primark range I tried a blue colour(no name). At first glance it looks like a very manly blue colour but that is my opinion,  the product was great to apply and very opaque so only one application for pure colour. The drying time was very quick only took bout 5-10 minutes to dry with no tackiness.
With 4 out of 5 of my needs met I was hoping that the colour would last, but alas it was not ment to be. The colourlasted about an hour before I noticed it became chiped, three days later most of the polish has chiped away and looked very untidy.  This was very dissapointing as I was hoping that there would be a bit more staying power then there was.
However, topping it with a higher end top coat may help keep the nails from chipping a little bit longer. But for the price of the nail polish (£1) you can't go wrong. As long as you have a good top coat, the colour should last much longer. The colour range of the polish is very good and there are lots of kits to choose from if you want to try something new.
Overall it is more then what the price range expects but it does chip a hell of a lot. So think about whether you want to spend little on loads or loads on something worth the money.

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