First Impression: Infallable 24hr Foundation

The new loreal infallable foundation bosts its ability to stay fresh and stop makeup meltdowns for 24hrs, no transfer, no visable imperfections, no visable shine, no dryout and no mask-effect. So I've put it to the test to see if these statements are true.
To start with my skin us oily, I have a strict skin care routine before I apply my makeup to ensure my skin is oil free as a base. As my skin is oily, and I a fair skined during winter through to spring, I need to buy a foundation colour which is fairly lighter than my skin. This is beacuse with oily skin foundation bought from a drugstore can oxidise a lot and look too dark and generally orange.
The colour I purchased is the lightest colour they do I believe, 015 Porcelain. To start with the packaging looks very smart and the product comes with a pump. Now I was suprised to find the product was a little more hydrating than I had expected. Most 24hr foundations tend to be dryer and thinker formula to hold for 24hrs. The formula is very easy to blend out and does give a full coverage look, though using a lot less could give you a more medium coverage. The colour did not oxidise as much as I was expecting and looked a lot natural but a little light, so it is more a winter spring colour than summer autumn. The formula is not cakey at all and is very moveable, as in you can move your face and not feel like you are cracking the foundation.
With the statements they boast with this foundation are almost correct. Yes I believe this foundation does last 24hr but not with a perfection. There was slight movement and cracking after about 12 hrs, as an oily skin person there is obviously shine visable after about 6hrs. This foundation will be better suited for oily combination skin to combination dry skin, for super dry and oily skin it is probly best to not use this foundation ax an everyday foundation as it will dryout very dry skin and it does shine and move for oily skin. The dryout I did notice more on a couple of very dry patches on my skin near my ears and under my eyes, which I had to hydrate with some MAC Fix+ water mix. As for transfer, with the oily skin and shine of the foundation I did have some transfer onto my clothes which is not a great look on white.
However, there were no visable signs of my blemishes when I wore the foundation for about 15hrs even with the shine and movement of the foundation. Which, for me is a great advantage as it can be hard to find a foundation that hides blemishes without causing discoloration or wear over the blemishes, undetectable.
Overall I did enjoy this new foundation by Loreal even though not all the statements were true for my skin type. If I was more blessed with combination skin this would be the perfect foundation. It is just the right amount of dryness to hold for 24hrs and the right amount of wetness to blend and hydrate. So thumbs up to Loral for makeing a completely new foundation ♡
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