Braid Crown and Halo

Well feeling like spring and wanting a new look I tried the braided crown and the braided halo and I loved them. Both looks are really easy to do and look very boho and ready for the festival season. And if I do say so my self the braided halo looks very sophisticated and great for work!
Braided crown: Take a section of hair form an inch above your ear on both the right and left side of your head. The sections can be as thin or thick as you want it depending on preferences and if you mind your ears showing through. 
Take one of the two sections and do a three strand braid untill the section is completely braided, tie off with a clear or hair coloured elastic. Repeat on the other section, then pull the braid out slightly to give the braid the appearence of volume. Then take one braid and take it across your head and pin the end inder the other section with a bobby pin. Repeat with the other section left, and pin and rearrange to the desiared look. Add a spray of hair spray to keep fly-aways at bay.
With the remaining hair you can curle it, crimp it or straighten it, its entirely up to you and how you like your hair too look like.

Braided halo: Split you hair into two even sections as if to create pig tails, then braid each side and tie off with an elastic. The plate must start ot the ear, not too far back, too far forward or too far up as this will cause the look too come out funny, or cause the braid to be too short. At this stage if your hair is long you can pull the braid out slightly to give it more volume, thought for medium to short hair I would advise not to do this stage as the braide does become to short to go over the head. 
Like the braided crown take the braid and pin it to the other side of the head under the other braid to hide the bobby pin. Repeat to the other side, rearrange and further pin in place.
Spritz with hair spray to avoid fly-aways and neaten up the look, espevially if this is being used as a work look.

I hope you enjoy these looks as much as I enjoyed them.

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