My Fav Lipsticks: Winter Edition

So over the past couple of months to almost a year Ive created a bit of a lipstick addiction and I dont always wear it until resently were ive developed a liking to them. So I decided to widdle all my lipsticks to wich ones were my favourite. Just 13 made the cut and they are;
1|MAC Pink Pearl Pop
2|MAC Flair For Finery
3|MAC Candy Yum Yum
4|Maybelline Colour Sensational Shocking Coral 910
5|Estee Lauder Crystal Baby 01
6|Estee Lauder Hot Coralline
7|Revlon Lip Butter Cotton Candy 045
8|MAC Creme Cup
9|Lime Crime Babette
10|Revlon Lip Butter Sweet Tart 090
11|MAC Viva Glam Nicki
12|Kiko 919
13|Maybelline Colour Sensational Rosy Dream 109

Pink peal pop is a pink lipstick which wish fairly sheer and creamy on the lips. Flair for finery is a nude pink, very pale but goes come off sheer to the lips. Candy yum yum is a very bright pink, barbie pink almost but very blue toned. Does stain the lips though so top up is not needed but does feel a little dry on the lips. Socking coral is a pinky peach tone coral and is very vibrant. It is creamy on the lips so will need to be toped up through out the day. Crystal baby is a clasic nude, not too pink and not too brown. It is very creamy and can come off sheer. Hot coralline is a coral orange colour with shimmer in the stick. The shimmer does feel chuncky on the lips. Cotton candy is a creamy dark pink colour, sheer with a sheen to it wich can, if over used look too shiny. Creme cup is the classic nude by MAC, very creamy and can come off sheer, a go to colour when wearing a bold eye or natural makeup. Babette is a pink orange colour, the colour is opaque and comes off very dry and thick on the lips, lip balm needed. Sweet tart is a brighter pink, very creamy and does not come off to bright can be applied sheer for a pinch of colour. Viva glam nicki is a coral pink similar to shocking coral, however it is a bit more dryer, can stain the lip line wich can look odd so top up is needed through out the day. Kiko 919 is similar to cotton candy but the colour is not as creamy and the shimmer does feel a little chucky, also if over used the shimmer catches the light and looks silver. Finally rosy dream is almost a extradimentional colour with shimmer. It is a pale pink colour but looks great witha bold eye, can dry through out the day.

So these are my lipstick likes for the winter, I hope my  analogy on the lipsticks was helpful, it can be hard to describe a lipstick without showing so I tried my best.

Stay tuned

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